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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: This The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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This book could actually change the world ... if we take the author's advice
When you hear people talk about books that changed the world, it's usually not a book on web site usability that gets that type of praise. I remember working as a Web Producer in Australia back in 2000 when I first encountered Steve Krugman's first edition of this book and back then it was a hot topic. Usability was a priority in everything we built and Krugman's work became something of a bible for how we thought about usability testing.
Nearly 15 years later, the conversation in the world of web design has changed. Today we talk about responsive design and seem to focus our priority on making sure things work on multiple screen. Instead of being usable, the bar has shifted to just trying to make sure things don't look broken.
As a result, we have an Internet and App marketplace filled with decent looking but frustrating to use interfaces. In other words, there has never been a time when reading Krugman's advice has been more necessary. If you are a designer or have any input into the design of any type of interface, this useful update to an already timeless book should be on your must read list.
Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited

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