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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: The The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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The cure to your fear of writing (seriously).
I used to hate writing. That is probably a strange confession considering I eventually earned a Masters Degree in English Literature and have written five books (so far). Yet the problem with writing is that most of us spend many years in school learning to hate it because of how uninteresting the topics are that we are forced to read and explore. Years of schooling (even if you weren't an English major) are tough to unlearn.
The fact is writing is one of the most critical skills today in a business world filled with blogs, tweets and emails. No matter what you do, improving your writing matters. And there is no better person to help you improve it than Ann Handley. I know her personally and have read her work for years. I consider her a friend. Part of the benefit of being an author is that you can end up with plenty of friends who also write books. This year alone, I had more than a dozen friends publish a new book. This book is one of the only ones to make my list.
The reason isn't just because of Ann's writing - which is always a pleasure to read. More importantly than good writing - this book has a format and lessons that will actually help you improve your writing ability ... even if you think you have none to start with. Helping the world to become better writers is a noble mission. If I had to pick one book that truly has the chance to make that important mission become a reality, this is it. Highly recommended.
Everybody Writes

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