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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: Definitely The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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Definitely for marketing people, but I'm biased ...
There have certainly been plenty of books in the past about the power of sound for healing, but I remember the first time I thought about sound as an element of marketing and business in a bigger way than just jingles and ads was when I read Martin Lindstrom's exploration of the role of our senses in purchase behaviour in Brand Sense. The book began to explore the idea of sonic branding ... but this is the book that takes the idea to the next level. The Sonic Boom is a perfect collaboration between a noted writer and composer to tell the important story of how music and soundscapes that we notice (and those we don't) impact everything from our mood to our purchase behaviour.
Reading the stories in this book and the break downs from the author, you do feel like you're getting a front row seat at an illuminating event where a longtime magician of sound lets you see behind the curtain just for a bit. As you might expect, plenty of the book is devoted to the why of sound and proof of its impact. For quick believers in the premise of the book (like myself), that upfront can get a bit repetitive.
Luckily, the real life stories and useful insights later in the book more than make up for this ... and as an author myself I know that sometimes the introductory chapters sharing the premise of a book may seem hopelessly basic to some readers, but for others stand out as the most valuable part of the book. That's the challenge of writing for so many different levels of familiarity with the topic. Still, the authors collaborate well to bring it together and ultimately deliver a timely book on an important and often underappreciated aspect of influence, marketing and why we feel the way that we feel.
The Sonic Boom

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