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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: A The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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A must read for every entrepreneur (even if you haven't survived tragedy)
The most powerful idea in this book is the author’s finding from years of studying people who have overcome tragedy and thrived that so called "positive thinking" may actually hinder more than help in the recovery process. Instead, real power comes from harnessing "grounded hope" as a way to achieve realistic success.
While this conclusion clearly impacts anyone recovering from major personal tragedy, the book also offers a powerful and unique lesson for entrepreneurs and business people.
In a world where we tend to see and celebrate overnight success stories of apps that hit it big or billionaire 22 year old founders, it has become easy to build outsized expectations of ourselves and our own success. Seeing a 24/7 newsfeed of friends having the times of their lives, getting married, adopting dogs and traveling the world doesn't help.
In a culture of always on happiness, a book like this offers a necessary and powerful reminder that no matter how many people come along to try and remind you about how the glass is half full ... the real trick is to remember that if you are only longing for a sip, a half empty glass is still plenty.

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