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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: A The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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A powerful book featuring one of the timeliest
ideas of the year
Every year I select at least one standout book on the topic of gender in the workplace to feature on the annual Influential Business Book Shortlist. In previous years, I have spotlighted John Gerzema's brilliantly researched book The Athena Doctrine, as well as one of last year's most popular books - Spousonomics. This year's selection is The Confidence Code.
This book has the most powerful idea yet for how women can power their own success by embracing the necessity for confidence. Rather than simply concluding that women need to be more confident, though, the book delves into the neuropsychology of confidence and takes a broader view of how and why some people have confidence while others lack it.
As more brands like Dove and Always launched viral campaigns across 2014 featuring the central theme of confidence in girls and women, the media culture surrounding this idea helped propel even more attention for the book and importance of teaching and fostering confidence in girls and women.
That powerful impact, combined with the approachable writing and well researched conclusions make this a necessary read not only for women but for the men who want to win in a world where confidence is increasingly the secret of success.
The Confidence Code

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