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@ROHITBHARGAVA IMPACT: THE REVIEW: This The 15 Most Influential Business Books Of 2014

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This book can take the place of that old Webster's Dictionary on your bookshelf
I am an ENFP. At least, that's how I might describe myself to anyone who has taken the same ubiquitous Myers Briggs personality test and been quantified by the well known formulaic letters the score assigns for your personality. Over time, the test has also managed to influence us to make judgements about the social value of being an introvert versus an extrovert (I versus E) and what is better or worse. T
his is a book for anyone who has ever felt like having more than a four letter personality. In Sally Hogshead's thoroughly researched new book, each of us finally has the chance to rethink that limited description of ourselves. Instead, her study of fascination yields a method to uncover how the world sees you instead of how you see yourself. Thankfully, it's good news.
Instead of painting a picture of leaders versus followers, Hogshead illuminates how different personalities can actually compliment one another, and that the real secret of effective teams is to have members that work well together rather than constantly agree. For anyone trying to build an amazing team, find their place in a shifting workplace, or just better diagnose and work through existing dysfunction - this book will quickly become an indispensible guidebook on your shelf that you can refer back to over and over again.
How The World Sees You

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