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Why Obama Won: A Gallery Of Presidential Likeability

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A visual presentation comparing President Obama and Governor Romney's likeability and how it helped him win re-election.

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Why Obama Won: A Gallery Of Presidential Likeability

  1. Why Obama WonHow Likeability Helped Decide The 2012 Presidential Campaign From Rohit Bhargava, the Author of the Marketing Best Seller Likeonomics
  2. This election was notabout the facts.
  3. something.Because there weren’t any.
  4. But people still picked their sides.
  5. While politicians divided ... and blamed each other.
  6. Voterssought newways to findthe truth
  7. But nearly everyoneended up with the same useless conclusion …
  8. Here’s the problem:Political “facts” are notreliable because theycan be biased andfocus too muchon logic.
  9. “Inpolitics, when reason and emotioncollide, emotion invariably wins.”
  10. The truth is … we do business, build relationships, and even vote for the people we like.
  11. Likeabilityinspires personalconnection,which inspiresaction. It is whypoliticians stillkiss babies andshow up atrallies.
  12. And the “Likeability Gap” explainswhy some people are inspired to do more than others … THE LIKEABILITY GAP What people do because they What people do WANT to. because they HAVE to.
  13. In a very closeelection, thecandidate whocan inspire morepeople to ACT(and convinceothers to act)will always win.
  14. In 2012, Obama won thelikeability battle – whichdrove voters to action.Here is a gallery of momentsto explain why he succeededwhile Romney failed …
  15. The Gallery of Presidential LikeabilityDEMOCRAT A Curated Collection of Images from the Media REPUBLICAN
  16. Romney watching election results … NO IMAGE FOUND ONLINE
  17. A Short SummaryLikeability was a key factor inhelping Obama win re-electionin the 2012 Presidential Election… and this presentation sharesa side by side comparison ofthe candidates’ likeabilitythrough the campaign.
  18. Twitter: @rohitbhargava Download excerpts and learn more at: Rohit is available for interviews and keynote presentations – email for more information at: