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UX and Scrum

Creating a delightful user experience (UX) is becoming an increasingly important success factor for many digital products, and Scrum is the most popular agile method to build software products. But integrating the UX work with Scrum can be tricky: Scrum provides no guidance on which UX artefacts should be used, when they are created, who creates them and how they fit into the product backlog. This slide deck helps you understand how you can successfully combine UX and Scrum to create software products with a great user experience.

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UX and Scrum

  1. 1. UX and Scrum! ★ UX Oxford, September 2014 ★ Roman Pichler! @romanpichler!!
  2. 2. About me • Product management consultant and trainer – Specialised in Scrum and in lean prac5ces – More than 10 years experience in teaching and coaching product managers and product owners • Business owner and product manager – I try to walk my own talk © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 2 One of my books!
  3. 3. Once upon a time, the experience of using software was …!
  4. 4. Now it’s rich, and software is everywhere.!
  5. 5. This is similar to Scrum. Once practiced by few it’s now mainstream.!
  6. 6. But there is still some confusion about how UX and Scrum fit together.!
  7. 7. The Programmer’s View of UX
  8. 8. The Designer’s View of Scrum
  9. 9. Learning and Delivery with Scrum Users, customers and other stakeholders Product increment Analyse! and change! Product owner and team Create! Gather data ! and feedback! Vision Product Backlog © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 11
  10. 10. UX Scrum Challenges Product Backlog Users, customers and other stakeholders Product increment Product owner and team When is the ! UX work done?! Where are the ! UX artefacts?! Who does the ! UX work?! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 12
  11. 11. Challenge: UX Artefacts!
  12. 12. Let’s Look at an Example © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 14
  13. 13. A Tradi5onal Product Backlog 1 Choose character 2 Choose dance floor 3 Add music from iTunes library 4 Choose music 5 Customise characters 6 Customise dance floor 7 Make character dance 8 Post dance studio on Facebook 9 Invite and dance with other players 10 Earn and redeem bonus points (stars) 11 Buy new characters 12 Buy new dance floors Where are! the users?! Where! are the user ! interactions?! Where is the! visual design?! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 15
  14. 14. Pitfall ♯1: Focus only on user stories.!
  15. 15. Pitfall ♯2: UX artefacts and stories are disjoint.!
  16. 16. Enter the Product Canvas Create paper! prototype! Organise! usability test! Conduct! the test! Evaluate! the test! Wants to be entertained with music ! & dancing! ! Yasmin! ★ Primary ★! Mary! 8 years old, loves music and dancing; has ballet lessons; owns iPad! Yasmin’s mum; used to dance ballet when she was younger! Wants her daughter to enjoy herself and play a trustworthy game! Goal: Find out which characters resonate with ! the users.! Play with character! Customise! dance floor! Add music from iTunes library! Choose character! Choose! dance floor! Choose music! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 18 Buy new! characters! Post dance world on Facebook! Earn and redeem bonus! points (stars) ! Invite and dance with other players! Buy new dance floors! Customise! character! iPad only!
  17. 17. The Product Canvas Explained Target Group Big Picture Product Details Functionality,! interactions and ! visual design! The users and the customers with their needs! Scenarios,! storyboards! and workflows! Epics and! constraint ! stories! The work ! to be done in the next sprint! Ready stories! Personas! Detailed design High-level design sketches! and mock-ups! sketches and mock-ups! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 19
  18. 18. The Product Canvas Template Download at tools/product-canvas © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 20
  19. 19. Challenge: UX Process!
  20. 20. UX Work and Scrum Product increment Idea Upfront UX! work! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 22 Product Canvas In-sprint! UX work!
  21. 21. Pitfall ♯3: Big upfront UX design.!
  22. 22. Pitfall ♯4: No upfront UX work.!
  23. 23. Just-­‐Enough Upfront Research and Design Idea Competitor! Interviews!analysis! E.g., user ! observation! Provisional! personas! UX sketch! Just enough! Broad strokes,! breadth-first! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 25 Focus on ! the primary! persona! UX details for! first sprint!
  24. 24. All-­‐at-­‐Once Development Interview!A/B test! Product Canvas Users, customers and other stakeholders Direct! observation! Prototype, product increment, MVP Product owner and team Design ! and create! Usability ! test! Update, ! change and! refine UX ! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 26 Product! demo!
  25. 25. Sample UX Update © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 27
  26. 26. “UX/Grooming” Workshops Product owner and team incl. UX designer Feedback/ data © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 28 UX design! updated! Product Canvas Teamwork!
  27. 27. Challenge: People!
  28. 28. Pitfall ♯5: No UX capability.!
  29. 29. Pitfall ♯6: The UX designer is not part of the Scrum team.!
  30. 30. All Together Now Product Owner Team incl. UX designer ScrumMaster Ensure ! product! success! Facilitate! process! success! Create a! great product! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 32
  31. 31. Summary Adapt the UX design work and some aspects of Scrum to take full advantage of both. © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 33
  32. 32. The End.!
  33. 33. Learn More Register at © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 36 Startup and! charity discount! available!
  34. 34. Thank You! More information on UX and Scrum including free Product Canvas and Persona templates:!! I look forward to your feedback and questions:!! @romanpichler! © 2014 Pichler Consul5ng Ltd 37