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Continental sibiu the blasters

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Continental sibiu the blasters

  1. 1. • 4mx4m ring • avoid the blue balloons • pop the red balloons • 3 min countdown 4meters 4 meters
  2. 2. The hardware is consisted from different modules like: -nxp LPC1768 microcontroller design board -one dc motor driver using L298P H-Bridge -power module to supply the system and H-Bridge -a radar module using two ultrasonic sensors -one servo motor to destroy the baloons - two DC motors mounted on a gear mechanism to increase torque Color sensor using TCS230 circuit
  3. 3. • the radar scans 360 degrees • the position and distance of the obstacle is known • we use a matrix system to map the places we navigated
  4. 4. 1 2 34 1. Scan 2. Check object 3. Scan 4. Check object
  5. 5.  When the car moves to the balloon it also memories the distance and the route to it so it will never cross the same route again. Considering that the balloon is marked with X the route which the car will travel will be as is marked. When reaching to the balloon the car will stop in the square matrix before the square of the balloon, so the sensor would recognize the color of the balloon