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I deate

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Publicado en: Salud y medicina, Tecnología
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I deate

  1. 1. IDeate -Reagan
  2. 2. Simple solutions 1) Try to socialize with all 2) Concentrate on your dream goals 3) Build confidence 4) Focus on achieving the goals 5) Be initiative to take up challenge
  3. 3. Simple solutions 6) Build rapport with others 7) Accept challenges 8) Express your thoughts and visions 9) Give up fear 10) Move freely with fellow friends
  4. 4. Simple solutions 11) Innovate new ideas 12) Develop fluency 13) Initiate public speaks to overcome fear and develop confidence 14) Motivate others 15) Identify new areas of oppurtunities
  5. 5. Simple solutions 16) Move out of comfort zone 17) Empathize others 18) Do not pay heed to others negative values 19) Feel free to express feelings 20) Share your insights
  6. 6. Simple solutions 21) Get feedback about your actions 22) Focus on improving your positive feedbacks 23) Never give up on failures 24) Move out of your comfort zones 25) Take all measures to achieve your goals