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Intranets2012: Aligning your intranet to your business

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Describes how to align your intranet with your businesses KPIs'

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Intranets2012: Aligning your intranet to your business

  1. 1. Aligning your intranet with your business Intranets 2012Worldwide Intranet Challenge
  2. 2. Case StudiesCVS Caremark Discovery HealthKPI: Improve employee Tactics KPI: Improve call centre Strategyengagement product knowledgeHow: How:• All news stories related to CVS • Provide detailed product VisionCaremark’s values knowledge (including information about competition) CharterWIC rank: • Obtain acknowledgements from#5 for qst about values & culture staff when information changes#3 information about ourWhat does it all mean????customers WIC rank:#5 intranet home page #2 overall #1 info about our products
  3. 3. Research Institute Case Study 1.Identify KPIs 2.Identify tasks 3.Develop to support KPIs content toExisting web site support tasksconsisted of news. What tasks can support this KPI?Little relationship What content canbetween the intranet support this task? • Publish a researchand KPIs publication • Lists • Promote my •20-30 KPI’s already research paper Tools/templates/formexisted. One of the • Acknowledge smain ones: funding and • Re-usable documents# of research papers affiliations • Structured contentpublished and cited • News • Reference material • Collaboration/discussio n • Report/performance
  4. 4. Whichcontent Tactics Strategytypes are Visionmost Charteruseful? What does it all mean????(221 responses)
  5. 5. Youtube videodemonstration
  6. 6. “They [executives] want to see how the investment drives the business – how does the intranet support business goals? They want to know that the business strategy is driving decisions about the intranet." - Stacy Wilson, runs intranet management workshops for Tactics Melcrum Communications Strategy Vision CharterStrategy, charter, vision, mission, purpose, tactics, manifesto….What does it all mean? I’ve got the answer… What does it all mean????
  7. 7. “Provide an intranet that Tactics Strategysupports your organisation’s Vision KPIs” Charter What does it all mean????
  8. 8. 1. IdentifyOrganisational KPIs 2. Identify tasks to support these KPIs 3. Identify content to support the tasks
  9. 9. If you would like to participate in the WIC Give Andrew your business Card during the conference