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Water + conservation powerpoint

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Water + conservation powerpoint

  1. 1. Water and Conservation By Saniya 3R
  2. 2. The Water Cycle Condensation! Evaporation! Precipitation! Accumulation!
  3. 3. All About WaterWater can form in 3 different forms, such as: a solidliquid or gasWater is vital (meaning, it is needed to survive)The life cycle and the water cycle are one70% of the earth’s surface is water
  4. 4. How was water formed… When the earth was very hot, there was water vaporsurrounding earth. But at that time, the earth was just a giant ball of gas with no mountains, no forests, no prairies, no grasslands, no brooks or streams, NONATURE! So, slowly the earth started to cool down and step by step and the water vapor cooled and turned into water. Then, slowly nature appeared on Mother Earth. That is how water formed!
  5. 5. Conserving Water!We need to conserve water because we have so little to use and share with nature!!!!! So, here are some ways that YOU can use to help conserve water!!! Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, that will save 7.5 liters of water Only flush the toilet when needed
  6. 6. How Humans are Wasting Water Here are some pictures to get your mind ready, before discussing with a partner what you think this slide is trying to tell you.
  7. 7. How Much Water Can Humans and Animals Drink? Well your bound to find out…NOW! 97 per cent of water is salt water 2 per cent is fresh water that has been frozen in glaciers, icebergs and ice caps Less than 1 per cent of the earth’s water, is water that animals and humans can drink
  8. 8. Nearly a happy ending Well, it’s NEARLY a happy ending! If, you spread the news than you won’t be the only one conserving. Many other people will be interested. Then, they will spread the news, and so on.
  9. 9. We Need to Act Soon We are wasting too much water! Now, this is the time for us you to take action! I need you to try!What was the point of me creating this slideshow if you don’t? Take action!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY AND SUGUR ON THE TOP!!!???!!!
  10. 10. Now it’s a happy ending Let’s make the earth a better place! Imagine the difference if we all conserve! It wouldn’t hurt trying So, do you agree? If you do, you are truly a electrifying person!!! I love electrifyingconservation!
  11. 11. Resources and Credit
  12. 12. Bye. Thanks.