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Ten Mistakes Software Team Leaders Make by Roy Osherove

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Roy Osherove ( ) discusses ten big mistakes software team leaders make when leading a team, and includes a description of the three maturity phases of a software team.
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Ten Mistakes Software Team Leaders Make by Roy Osherove

  1. Ten MistakesTeam Leads Make Roy Osherove Twitter: @RoyOsherove
  2. Interesting Questions• Why can’t I convince my team to do TDD?• Why can’t we get over “putting fires” all the time?• What am I supposed to do as a lead exactly?• Why can’t I seem to hire all those people I read about in agile books?• What am I supposed to do with that bad apple in the team?• Am I going to lose my friends?• Why doesn’t anyone teach this stuff?
  3. Things I learned the hard way• find out more at
  4. Book:Notes To a Software Team Leader
  5. #1Don’t Recognize Team Maturity
  6. Maturity Levels•Chaos• Learning• Self-Leading
  7. Maturity Levels•Chaos - 80%• Learning - 15%• Self-Leading - 5%
  8. New Looking Glasses• Every question has a context • How can I get that dev sharing what’s going on? (if my team is in the [chaos/ learning/mature] stage?) • Why Can’t I get my team to do TDD (in the chaos stage)
  9. Learning+ stage #2Fear of Delegation
  10. What are you going to do about it?
  11. All stages #3Fear Of Engagement
  12. #4Placating
  13. #5Being Irrelevant
  14. #6 BeingSuper-Reasonable
  15. Blaming #7
  16. • Malice: “He’s doing this to me on purpose”• Stupid: • “I wonder if you really understand how much this is important” • “He’s lazy” • “He can’t seem to learn this stuff”
  17. #8Ignoring Behavior Forces All Stages
  18. • Personal Motivation Ability• Social Motivation Ability• Environmental Motivation Ability
  19. Chaos Stage #9Fear of Assertiveness
  20. #10 Help SpreadNon-Commitment Chaos/Learning stage
  21. We need.. I could..Why doesn’t someone..
  22. I will.. by..
  23. Mistakes• Recognize team maturity • Fear of engagement• Delegation • placating• Behavior forces • blaming• Assertiveness • irrelevant• Non Commitment • super-reasonable
  24. November Course: Elastic Leadership• Register at• Software team leader skills to succeed in an agile world• (Also in non agile world)• find out more at
  25. Thank You + Q + A!• Contact: • Email: • Twitter: @RoyOsherove •• Books: • Gerald M. Weinberg - Managing Teams Congruently • Johanna Rothman - Behind Closed Doors • Influencer - The power to change anything