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New Retail - The New Horizon of Retail

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New Retail - The New Horizon of Retail

  1. 1. CEO, Baidu Brasil President, CBIPA (China-Brazil Internet Promotion Agency) President, ABRIA (Brazilian AI Association) Yan Di NEW RETAIL THE NEW HORIZON
  2. 2. Internet in CHINA
  3. 3. You Only Know Half of the Internet
  4. 4. Because The Other Half Is In China
  5. 5. CHINA –BIGGEST INTERNET MARKET China’s Online Population = US + India With This Size, China’s Online Economy Has a Presence in GDP Much Bigger than That of US
  6. 6. CHINA HAS 5 OF TOP10 COMPANIES OF INTERNET & 6 OF TOP10 UNICORNS World’s Top Unicorns of Internet Ranking Company Market Cap (U$ Billion) 1 Google 815 2 Amazon 707 3 Tencent 558 4 Facebook 546 5 Alibaba 524 7 Netflix 118 6 Priceline 92 8 Baidu 85 9 JD 70 10 NetEase 42 * Date: 31-01-2018 World’s Top Companies of Internet*
  7. 7. CHINA – BIGGEST E-COMMERCE MARKET 40% of World’s E-commerce is in China 2017 GMV: U$750Bi 11.11.2017 (Chinese Black Friday) Single Day GMV: U$40.3Bi = 3 Years of Brazilian E-Commerce
  8. 8. CHINA – BIGGEST MOBILE PAYMENT MARKET China Transacts U$9 Trillion via Mobile Payment, 80x Bigger than the US 80X Bigger than US! 166X Bigger than US!
  9. 9. CHINA IS THE WORLD’S BIGGEST VENTURE FUNDING POOL China became the biggest venture funding pool in the world raising over USD 100B in 2016 Year Asset Acquirer/Investor Amount (U$ Billion) 2016 Supercell Tencent 8.6 2016 Playtika Century River Cruises 4.477 2017 GrabTaxi Didi 2.5 2017 Ola Cabs Tencent 2 2017 Tesla Tencent 1.778 2016 Skyscanner Ctrip 1.77 2016 AppLovin East Willing 1.4 2017 Flipkart Tencent 1.4 2016 Opera GoldBrick Capital 1.259 2017 Go-Jek Tencent 1.2 Top 10 Overseas Investments/M&A by Chinese Internet Players 2016-17
  10. 10. CHINA’S INTERNET EVOLVING SURPRISINGLY FAST Driverless Car KITTI vehicular recognition accuracy rate: 90.13%, highest in the world. Voice & Facial Recognition 97% & 99.77%
  11. 11. CEO, Baidu Brasil President, CBIPA (China-Brazil Internet Promotion Agency) President, ABRIA (Brazilian AI Association) Yan Di NEW RETAIL THE NEW HORIZON
  12. 12. YOU MAY HAVE BEEN IMPRESSED BY CHINA – BIGGEST E-COMMERCE MARKET 40% of World’s E-commerce is in China 2017 GMV: U$750Bi 11.11.2017 (Chinese Black Friday) Single Day GMV: U$40.3Bi = 3 Years of Brazilian E-Commerce
  13. 13. NOW IMAGINE A POINT OF SALES, BUT NOT LIKE ANY POS Everything is Paid by App, Which You Will Use to Order at Home with More Frequency; More Importantly, Their ASPU (Average Sale per Unit Area) is 4 Times Bigger Than the Peers’ & Now ProfitableWith a Better Supermarket XP, As They Cook For You With a Better Restaurant XP, As They Deliver For Free in 30Min With a Better Logistics Efficiency, As They Use the Store for Storage All Logistics Data is Synched Online with Offline
  14. 14. WELCOME TO NEW RETAIL A User-Centric & Data-Driven Online-Merged with-Offline Retail Revolution
  15. 15. A FULL-SCALE WAR BEING WAGED ON NEW RETAIL Alibaba’s Warfare in New Retail JD’s Warfare in New Retail
  16. 16. NEW RETAIL THE TIP OF UNKNOWN ICEBERG, THAT WILL EVENTUALLY SINK YOUR TITANIC Take it as warning: In the near future, the biggest online & offline retail player will be the same. (Think WholeFoods) Kevin Kelly 10%
  18. 18. THE NEW GENERATION CONSUMERS DEMAND MORE & SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE BEFORENEW COSUMER Product Demand • Cost-effectiveness • High Quality & Professional • Personalization Product Demand • Cost-effectiveness • Functionalities • Durability Experience Demand • Service Delivery XP • Targeted Discount • Social Interaction • Cultural Identity Experience Demand • Purchase XP • After-sales XP
  20. 20. THE WIND OF CHANGE INTO THE FACE OF OFFLINE World’s Largest Store, Macy’s Closed 100 Stores & Laid Off 10,000 Staff
  21. 21. IS OFFLINE RETAIL'S FUTURE DOOMED? Offline Retail Traffic Offline Retail Volume Offline Retail Cost Offline Retail Profit
  22. 22. ON THE OTHER HAND, CLICK IS EQUALLY EXPENSIVE AS BRICK China’s Leading B2C E-Commerce Now has Almost The Same Cost & Gross Margin of Leading Offline Retail! Online Cost of Traffic+Storage/Logistics = Offline Cost of Rental+Labor Average Online CAC R$50-75! Google CPC +36% Increase in 2017, & CTR -13% (All Platform), -25% (Mobile) ONLINE IS EXPENSIVE!
  23. 23. OFFLINE IS ABOUT EXPERIENCE, LAST MILE CAN NEVER BE REPLACED The Nature of Certain Goods Limits Further Penetration of Online E-CommerceOffline is Always About Experience FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods (water, chewing gum, juice, beer, softener…)
  24. 24. HOW IT WORKS
  25. 25. KINDLY REMIND YOU The New Retail is To Make Consumer Willing to Pay the EXPERIENCE Beyond Product Functionalities
  26. 26. NEW RETAIL KEY ELEMENT: PEOPLE User Data Should be Omnipresent/Visualizable/Trackable/Optimizable, Through All Elements “Lead, Purchase, User Loyalty, Feedback” Blur Group Silhouette • Location • Gender • Age • Income Level • …… Holographic Segmentation • Actress • In Her 30’s • Mother of 2 Sons • Social Celebrity • …… Find Your Most-Valuable Users that Self- Organize & Self-Produce Content/Products NEW RETAILBEFORE
  27. 27. NEW RETAIL KEY ELEMENT: PLACE Place Definition Supermarket/Shopping Mall/Convenience Store/E-Commerce Live Streaming/Event/Smart Devices/VR+AR… Data Collection Online (via App) + Offline (In-Store IoT) Security Real-time Customer Tracking Layout Optimization Based on User Segmentation Real-time Promotion Through Digital Tag & Based on User Behavior Auto Checkout Automatic Checkout (via Mobile Payment or Facial Recognition) Stock Optimization Real-time Stock & Logistics Management
  28. 28. NEW RETAIL KEY ELEMENT: PRODUCT OEM/ODM BRAND WHOLESALE/RETAIL/CONSUMER C2B: Consumption Leads Manufacture Product Does Not Only Refer to Tangible Goods, But Goods + Content + Service! 1 2 Smart Logistics
  29. 29. WHO LEADS THE NEW RETAIL REVOLUTION: ONLINE OR OFFLINE? • FINANCIAL RESOURCES (Alibaba Invested R$200MM in a Single Pilot Project, More Than the Margin of Some Traditional Offline Retail Players) • TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES (Big Data, IoT, AI…) In China It is Online that Leads Offline, But Taking into Consideration that No Consolidated Leader in Brazilian Market & Possible Technology Transfer from China, We Never Know.
  30. 30. CASES
  31. 31. CASE 1: HEMA SUPERMARKET Highlights Obligatory Use of App to Sync Online & Offline Data Flow Cultivate User Habit to Use App to Order at Home of a Much Higher Frequency (Free Within the Range of 3Km in 30 Min) User Experience “Buy & Eat” via In-Store Restaurant Use App for Better Mobile Payment Logistics Use Store for Storage for Unified Online & Offline Stock Management In-Store Pick-up by Staff & In-Store Conveyer Belt Staff Equipped with Smart Device for Indoor Navigation, Facilitated by RFID Digital Tag to Update Real-time Price & Promotion
  32. 32. CASE 2: KIDSWANT MOTHER & BABY CHAIN STORES Highlights From Product to Value-Added Service Sale: 100 Stores with 10MM Active Service Membership Sold to Drive Highest User Interactivity & Loyalty. Aggregate Value through Services Turn 50% of In-Store Staff to a Mix of Service Specialists: Nutritionist, Nursing Personnel, Children Growth Trainer Besides Online Activities, +700 Offline Events Organized per Year
  33. 33. CASE 4: 1919 WINE CHAIN STORES Highlights China’s Biggest Wine Direct Sale Platform, 100x Rev. Increase in 6 Years! Transform Typical Costs of “Storage + Logistics + Rental + Labor” to Costs of “Rental + Labor” Only Logistics Omnichannel of Online & Offline Factory Direct Shipment to Stores Build Store Density to Ease Logistics Store Staff = Delivery Team, Turn Typical E- Commerce Logistics Cost of 10% into a 0.5% Delivery Commission
  34. 34. CASE 4: BINGOBOX, WORLD’S FRIST SCALABLE UNMANNED STORE Wechat Bundled to Understand User Preference; RFID-Enabled Goods; AI (Facial Recognition) for Security; Mobile Payment; Cost-Effective Operation; High Mobile/Close to You
  37. 37. Contact Our Team Felipe Zmoginski Whatsapp: +11-972458059