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Panevezys strategy


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Panevezys strategy

  1. 1. The city to visit, to enjoy, to discover, to invest September 6/2013 Panevėžys City
  2. 2. LOCATION Europe Lithuania
  3. 3. The Main Indicators The fifth largest city in Lithuania Territory – 50 sq. km The seventh largest city in the Baltic states The capital of Aukštaitija Region County’s input into Lithuania’s GDP: 7%
  4. 4. RESIDENTS Population 100 000
  5. 5. ECONOMY •Export makes 56 percent of all sales of industrial companies •Small and medium business prevail • There are 3 200 enterprises functioning in the city
  6. 6. • Economy The biggest investors are from: • Denmark (95 mln.€) • Germany (22 mln. €) • Poland (19 mln. €) • Norway (17 mln. €) • Estonia (7 mln. €) • Finland (4 mln. €)
  7. 7. •According to “Foreign Direct Investment” magazine: After Vilnius, Panevėžys is the best at investment promotion in the Baltic States. Panevėžys City
  8. 8. PANEVĖŽYS CITY VISION BY 2022 • Panevezys is a metropolis, which is integrated into the global, European and Lithuania„s progress and possesses its own image that is recognizable in the country and outside of it. • The city is the key northern-eastern gate of Lithuania, strategic logistic unit, national centre of progressive technologies and industry, attracting business and innovations and is the capital of Aukstaitija region. • Most of the attention is given to the development of a human being having individual standpoints and taking responsibility for the words and actions. Panevezys is a city with its own character, which is famous for the cherishing of the traditions of culture, art, sports and healthy lifestyle. It is a city, in which one can enjoy safe and convenient life and work. •
  10. 10. Panevėžys Free Economic Zone •The total territory - 47 ha The land area for green field investments- 35 ha, 11,9 ha –for engineering infrastructure to be provided •Development possibilities - 14 ha; •Project value – 25,3 million Litas (17,5 million Litas of support from EU structural funds); The planned total investments into infrastructure till 2013 – about 40,0 million Litas.
  11. 11. Panevėžys Free Economic Zone Infrastructure • Asphalt roads; • Water supply and sewage disposal; • Power supply, inner roads and lighting; • Gas pipeline.
  12. 12. Universal Sport Arena
  13. 13. Panevėžys Sports and Entertainment Centre  The total area of the building - 21 568 sq.m.  5200-7200 spectators can be placed  Sports arena (fulfilling requirements of international level matches, FIBA as well)  Bicycle track (250 m long, fulfilling requirements of UCI)  Sports matches, entertainment, public and bussiness events
  14. 14. Panevėžys science and technology park • Created infrastructure to promote business and innovation - 2739 sq. m. • business incubator premises 1120 sq.m. • an experimental manufacturing centre • 27 enterprises establihed • Created 65 new working places
  15. 15. Creation of Technology Demonstration Centre • Project implemented in 2009; • Total budget of the project 1,4 MEUR
  16. 16. Favourable conditions for business • Good possibilities for business and investment • FIBAssociation
  17. 17. • Investments: More than € 300 mln. • Teritorial area: 100 ha. Investment BABILONAS. City within the city Stage I Entertainment and Shopping Centre was opened Stage II –Car Retail and Agricultural Machinery Trade and Service Centre. “Cash & Carry” logistics and distribution centre Stage III extension of Babilonas Entertainment and Shopping Centre with an ice rink and an office building is under construction on a 10 ha land plot. Stage IV – other “City within the City” districts: interior centre; residential districts; second office building; car retail and service square; entertainment zones.
  19. 19. 2010 m. Birželio – liepos mėn. UAB Eurosprendimai atlikta gyventojų apklausa Projects 2014-2020
  20. 20. Arrangement Panevėžys city public spaces
  21. 21. • Teatrai • Galerijos • Koncertinės įstaigos (Panevėžio garsas ir CIDO) • Kino centrai • Statinių kompleksai • J.Čerkeso-Besparnio sodyba • Bažnyčios • Muziejai Arrangement of Panevėžys city public spaces
  22. 22. Camping on Ekranas Lagoon
  23. 23. Camping on Ekranas Lagoon
  24. 24. Arrangement of Parks and Public spaces
  25. 25. Arrangement of Public spaces
  26. 26. Dock on Nevėžis River
  27. 27. Beach near Ekranas Lagoon
  28. 28. Rail Baltica
  29. 29. AECOM studijoje vertintos Alternatyvos
  30. 30. Alternative through Panevėžys
  31. 31. Projects 2014-2020
  32. 32. Future cooperation
  33. 33. Ukraine Sector of assistance Project title Implementing organization Support for good governance and eurointegration processes Technical assistance for Ukrainian customs in the field of tariff classification of goods Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania Transfer of Lithuanian experience to Ukraine as introduction of efficient administrative control system of national support for agriculture and rural development in accordance with the EU requirements National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania
  34. 34. Support for civil society and eurointegration ambitions Sharing the Lithuanian experience and supporting eurointegration processes in Ukraine: support to democracy and civil society, encouraging women's social activity and entrepreneurship Public institution European integration studies centre (branch in Lvov) Promotion of women's social activity Empowerment Policy Programme for Women with Disabilities "GET EMPLOYED" NGO "Human Rights Foundation" (Ukraine) Support for environment protection and climate change Sustainable Energy Planning: International Cooperation & Best Practices towards the Covenant of Mayors NGO "Dobrochyn" center (Ukraine)
  35. 35. Welcome to Panevezys Mrs.Asta Puodžiūnienė Economy Departm. Panevėžys City Municipality E-mail: