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Maumee Valley Planning Organization Regional Transportation Planning Overview

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During the 2019 National Regional Transportation Conference (June 2019, Columbus, OH), Marissa Lumbrezer and Emma Kirkpatrick discussed how the Maumee Valley Planning Organization has worked with its member local governments to identify transportation needs.

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Maumee Valley Planning Organization Regional Transportation Planning Overview

  1. 1. REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION PLANNING ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW Marissa Lumbrezer, Planner Emma Kirkpatrick, Planner/GIS Analyst Maumee Valley Planning Organization Defiance, Ohio
  2. 2. MAUMEE VALLEY PLANNING ORGANIZATION ● Ohio Regional Planning Commission ● Providing services to Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, and Williams Counties since 1971 ● Community Development, Economic Development, Housing, OPWC District 5, Fair Housing and Transportation ● Designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO)
  3. 3. RTPO COMMITTEE STRUCTURE & STAFFING ● MVPO Executive Council ● Commissioner from each county, reps from townships, cities, villages, private businesses ● RTPO Techical Advisory Committee ● Engineers, Economic Development, ODOT Districts, BGSU, FHWA ● RTPO Citizens Committee ● Members of the public, Senior Centers, Veterans Offices, JFS, Board of DD ● RTPO Staffing at MVPO ● 2600 hours = 1.25 FTE
  6. 6. MOVING TOGETHER 2040 • MVPO region’s first long range transportation plan • Development began July 2013 • Final Plan adopted June 2015 • Includes: • Regional goals and objectives • Analysis of existing and future conditions • Needs analysis • Prioritized project list • List of potential funding sources Vision: Provide a safe, efficient, and sustainable multi- modal transportation system that fosters economic development, protects the environment, and meets the needs of all residents in the region
  7. 7. MT2040 UPDATES  Annual Project List Updates  Solicit projects from entities each year  Keeps project list current  Full Plan updates every 5 years  Currently updating – Moving Together 2045  Update will be completed July 1, 2020
  8. 8. 2018 PROJECT LIST Rank County Description Cost 1 WIL Main Street Improvements- City of Bryan: repave, replace curbs, ADA sidewalk improvements $2.5 mil 2 HEN Construct new Maumee River Bridge – SR 110 to CR 424 $14 mil 3 DEF Ottawa Avenue Improvements- City of Defiance: resurfacing & intersection improvements $4.2 mil 4 FUL/WIL Wabash Cannonball Trail Upgrades and Improvements $11.5 mil 5 WIL Southeast truck bypass- City of Bryan: E Wilson St & TR 16 from Union to SR 34 $4 mil 6 DEF Resurfacing/shoulder widening/full depth pavement repair of Carpenter Rd- City of Defiance $0.3 mil 7 DEF SR 66 Widening to three lanes from Elliott to Defiance Metal Products $2.5 mil 8 HEN Construct interchange at the intersection of USR 24 and CR 17D $4 mil 9 FUL Airport/Munson Traffic Mitigation – Village of Swanton: Construct turn lanes $0.25
  9. 9. • Grant Writing • Technical assistance • Traffic Counts • Mapping • Analysis • Safety Studies • Short Range Planning • School Travel Plans • Coordinated Transportation • Safety Planning • Regional Safety Report • Public/Stakeholder Involvement MVPO’S RTPO ACTIVITIES - OVERVIEW
  10. 10. GRANT WRITING • Grant writing services for transportation related projects • Various funding sources: • ODOT Transportation Alternatives, Safety, Municipal Bridge, Transportation Improvement District, Safe Routes to School, 5310 • ODNR NatureWorks, Clean Ohio Trails, Recreational Trails • US Economic Development Administration Public Works • More than $7 million secured for transportation projects since 2015
  12. 12. VILLAGE OF PAULDING: USR 127/GASSER ROAD INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS The Issue: USR 127/Gasser Road Intersection • No turn lanes, left turning traffic toward Alex Products and PolyOne impedes traffic flow • Appeared on an ODOT HSIP crash list in 2014 for angle and rear end crashes The Need: Alex Products and PolyOne expansions • Alex Products: 115 new jobs created, 620 jobs retained • PolyOne: 17 new jobs created
  13. 13. The Solution: • Construct left turn lanes, updated signal, other related work • Applied for ODOT Transportation Improvement District, ODOT Jobs and Commerce and Jobs Ohio • Received $169,000 - ODOT TID, $310,000 - Jobs Ohio, and $150,000 - ODOT Jobs and Commerce • Village share: $47,100 VILLAGE OF PAULDING: USR 127/GASSER ROAD INTERSECTION IMPROVEMENTS
  14. 14. BEFORE AFTER
  15. 15. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Technical assistance related to transportation for members • Mapping • Data Collection • Data Analysis • Traffic Counting
  16. 16. VILLAGE OF BROUGHTON: 2018 TRAFFIC COUNT The Issue: Main route through Village (Broughton Pike) • Speeding traffic • Crashes have occurred due to speed • Specifically over the railroad tracks • Includes a vehicle crashing into town hall • Village Officials wanted to know how many speeding vehiclesTraffic Count Performed by MVPO: • Approx. 30% of all traffic speeding • 65 mph speeds recorded
  17. 17. SAFETY STUDIES • MVPO provides safety studies for members • Assists with safety applications • ODOT Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Funds
  18. 18. VILLAGE OF MONTPELIER: E MAIN STREET IMPROVEMENTS • The Issue: E Main Street (SR 107) • No bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure • Bicyclists and pedestrians must walk alongside road, climb over guardrail to cross the SR 107 bridge • ODOT will rehab SR 107 bridge in 2019 • Village partnered with MVPO to conduct a safety study and apply for ODOT safety funds to make improvements
  19. 19. VILLAGE OF MONTPELIER: E MAIN STREET IMPROVEMENTS • The Solution: Applied for ODOT Safety Funds for the following • E Main Street will experience a road diet: 4 lanes to 2 lanes • Bicycle lanes will be installed on both sides of the road • Bridge sidewalks will be replaced • Pedestrian signals installed at the two intersections • Appropriate pavement markings and ADA compliance measures will be installed • Awarded $143,000
  20. 20. SHORT RANGE PLANNING • Short range planning services for various needs • Safe Routes to School Travel Plans • Active Transportation Plans • Coordination of Human Services Transportation Plans
  21. 21. VILLAGE OF SWANTON: SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL • The Village, Swanton Elementary and Middle, and St. Richard’s Catholic School partnered with MVPO • Submitted School Travel Plan to ODOT in 2017 • Submitted funding request in 2018 for infrastructure and non-infrastructure • Awarded $13,411 in non-infrastructure funds • Awarded $388,600 for infrastructure funds
  22. 22. Infrastructure Improvements ($388,600) • Install new concrete sidewalk at several with ADA curb ramps, catch basins, crosswalks, and signage • Enhanced crosswalks • School zone signage • Bike lane improvements • Bike crossing improvements at railroad Non-infrastructure Improvements ($13,411) • Supplies, prizes, and materials for: • Safe Routes to School Lesson Guides • Railroad Crossing Safety • Walk and Bike to School Day • Walking Clubs • Safety Patrol • Education & Marketing
  23. 23. SAFETY PLANNING • Regional Safety Report • Safety Studies • Crash Analysis
  24. 24. REGIONAL SAFETY REPORT • Comprehensive 5-year report • Regional crash trends from 2010-2014 • Top crash locations from 2012-2014 • Potential funding opportunities to enhance safety in NW OH • Implementation item from the long-range transportation plan
  25. 25. } Roadway departure crashes made up 37% of all fatal crashes and 36% of all serious injury crashes in the MVPO region.~
  27. 27. DEFIANCE COUNTY ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION PLAN • Outlines the vision, goals and strategies needed to support increased walking, bicycling and other modes of active transportation • Includes assessment of existing conditions • Where do gaps exist in sidewalks? Trails? Other active transportation infrastructure? • What projects can we complete to make walking, bicycling, and other modes safer and more accessible? • What funding sources exist for identified projects?
  28. 28. VILLAGE OF ARCHBOLD TRAFFIC FLOW STUDY • How are passenger vehicles moving through Archbold? • Commercial vehicles? • Which route are vehicles taking to reach a destination? • What percentage of vehicles are entering the Village from elsewhere and stopping in the downtown area? 9% 10% 24% 13% 44% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Layfayette Lutz Nolan Pkwy Short Buehrer Stryker CR 24 Traveling North
  29. 29. OTHER ACTIVITIES • Recently completed Title VI/LEP Plans, updated Public Participation Plan • Grant writing – TAP and TID projects • Safety Study – Village of Montpelier • Regional Mobility Manager Initiative – Defiance, Fulton, Henry Counties
  30. 30. THANK YOU! Emma Kirkpatrick, Planner/GIS Analyst Marissa Lumbrezer, Planner | | | 419-784- 3882 Maumee Valley Planning Organization 1300 E 2nd Street, Suite 200 Defiance, OH 43512 Like us on Facebook! @maumeevalleyplanning Follow us on LinkedIn: