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Capital One Card Lab Connect Saving Shelter Pets Case Study

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Capital One Card Lab Connect Saving Shelter Pets Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study
  2. 2. What is Capital One Card Lab Connect? A free credit card affinity program that allows you to: • Create custom credit card designs with your logo and images • Market the credit card to your supporters • Let donors support you simply by completing their everyday shopping & purchasing.
  3. 3. Who is Saving Shelter Pets? • Saving Shelter Pets (SSP) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization. They facilitate rescues from high-kill animal shelters and promote spay & neuter, in an effort to give all pets the chance at life they truly deserve. • They are a small, all-volunteer organization with supporters and volunteers located throughout the country. They rely solely on donations to continue their rescue and spay/neuter efforts. Their programs include: – Rescue & Transport focused on saving cats and dogs from high-kill shelters in the Southeastern US and moving them to safe, no-kill rescues in the Northeast. – Puppy Promises not only rescues puppies, but also spays their mother to help reduce pet overpopulation. – Bernie’s Buddies helps to treat heartworm positive dogs that are saved through the Rescue & Transport program. – Spay & Neuter offers financial assistance to low-income pet owners in several Ohio and Georgia counties.
  4. 4. Why Credit Card Fundraising? With Capital One® Card Lab Connect, Saving Shelter Pets wanted to: • Provide an alternative to cash donations for donors with limited funds. • Test an affinity program typically reserved for larger national charities with a small, but passionate audience. • Leverage proven communication channels to promote an offer that has mass appeal and viral potential.
  5. 5. Marketing Plan Saving Shelter Pets used primarily online promotion to spread the word about the program: Website Email Marketing Blog Facebook Twitter MySpace
  6. 6. Website Promotion
  7. 7. Sample Email Newsletter Newsletter was sent to approximately 5,000 subscribers – Used compelling photos that resonate for all interest groups – Included strong call to action – Encouraged volunteers spread the word “[Our volunteers] were very excited about the card designs since they are specific to our charity. ” – Saving Shelter Pets
  8. 8. Sample Blog Entry Bulletin was sent to 15,000 on MySpace “Everyone uses a credit card and a few dollars here and there can really add up!” – Saving Shelter Pets
  9. 9. Results • During the pilot program, Saving Shelter Pets had supporters sign up for the Capital One credit card. – Card members and volunteers are still actively recruiting other members – Saving Shelter Pets has received donations to help continue the success of their cause • The top performing message from their online communications was the immediate reward for applying – “Apply today” and “Start earning rewards” were the top performing messages – Saving Shelter Pets will continue to do outreach for the program via its volunteers to increase awareness
  10. 10. Results "After only a few months of participation in the program, we've received enough money to fully sponsor two entire litters of puppies from our Puppy Promises program."
  11. 11. Next Steps Visit to learn more or enroll your nonprofit in Capital One Card Lab Connect