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Guide to Help Licenced Venues Deal with Troublemaker Patrons

  1. 1. Guide to Help Licenced Venues Deal with TroublemakerPatronsMore help for staff and management of licenced venues has been issued by the NSW Office ofLiquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR) in the form of a comprehensive guide to help licensees dealwith troublemaker patrons.Intoxicated customers are more difficult to deal with and tact is needed when dealing with themthat is why the new reforms have been welcomed by licenced venues owners and associationsalike.More often than not troublemakers make more of a mess by spilling, breaking objects orvomiting and cause more disorder, which results in the situation escalating into aggression andviolence more quickly. Therefore staff and the establishment are at risk. Also your establishmentcan get a reputation for attracting violence and better behaved patrons are put off. Extra visitsfrom police can put the establishment’s license at risk. Another problematic area that serversneed to be aware of is the risk that violent customers also pose to other customers. Intoxicatedcustomers are more at risk than sober individuals when returning home as they are morevulnerable to car crashes and attacks.As a person becomes drunk you can see how their behaviour starts to change. Drunk peoplebecome a little louder and more confident as they lose their inhibitions. Their speech becomesslurred and their feet unsteady. Other senses will start to be affected, including vision, causingdifficulty in judging distances. Bar owners have welcomed the ability to ban such troublemakersfrom their venues. Instead of punishing all patrons they can target the small percentage ofpeople that are causing a problem. It is hoped that this will send a strong message to repeattroublemakers to behave or risk be barred from licenced venues.Read more about the guide from this post found on Announced just two days before Christmas, the guide – produced in consultation with industry – provides advice, case studies and other resources on subjects ranging from short-term bans to multi-venue exclusion orders. Minister for Hospitality, George Souris said the new resource will give licensees the information they need to effectively “send troublemakers packing” and keep their venues safe. “Patrons of licensed venues have a right to enjoy safe and responsible environments and should not have to put up with troublemakers who are intoxicated, violent, quarrelsome or disorderly,” he said. The guide explains how the various exclusion provisions work to help licensees deal with troublesome patrons who are disruptive, violent, intoxicated or fail to adhere to venue rules and policies, including the circumstances in which exclusions can and 1/2
  2. 2. should be used. “For serious repeat offenders, instructions are provided on how licensees can implement a multi-venue barring strategy through their local liquor accord and send a strong message to troublemakers: behave yourself or you’re barred from all the venues in your area.” Source: s/ESRYVGRBHY.html Guide to Help Licenced Venues Deal with Troublemaker Patrons 2/2Powered by TCPDF (


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