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60/60/30 Class for Realtors

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Freshman Class 60/60/30
Freshman Class 60/60/30
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60/60/30 Class for Realtors

  1. 1. Getting More Done In Less Time 60 / 60 / 30
  2. 2. What Is Freedom? • True Freedom isn’t being ABLE to do what you want • True Freedom is DOING what you want
  3. 3. True Freedom Being ABLE to do: •“What” you want •“Where” you want •“When” you want •“How” you want •And with “Whom” you want
  4. 4. We Need To Work On “#1 Priority In Our Business”
  6. 6. #1 Priority in your business is getting rid of all the distractions and interruptions that are keeping you from your ONE thing! – – – – Email Texting Phone Calls Nagging thoughts
  7. 7. Work On #1 Business Opportunity
  8. 8. What’s YOUR One? Everyone is different - here’s ours •Helping my referral partners (office presentations, etc) •Then following up with those referral partners consistently DO ONLY THOSE THINGS!
  9. 9. The Key Is To Make Sure You Are Working On That #1 Business Opportunity Each Day
  10. 10. In “The Zone” How long does it take to get back in “the zone” when you have been interrupted? Never get anything done! Never score! Busy but not productive!
  11. 11. So Richard...... It seems like you are out a lot. How many hours a day do you work? How can you be on the road so much and get so much accomplished?
  12. 12. Step One - Organization Start with your office Doesn‘t matter if you work from home or in an office Need a quiet, interruption free “zone” Need good equipment. Good computer, phone, camera, software Need a comfortable place to sit so you don’t hurt at the end of the day
  13. 13. Yes, Size Matters Get a bigger monitor (Or two) Study from University of Utah Increase your productivity by over 50% I got a 27” monitor and notice a huge difference Reason? Can open 2 browsers at once or a PowerPoint and Word Doc as same time
  14. 14. Now your Calendar Our bodies work on rhythms Circadian Rhythm Ultradian Rhythm 90-120 minutes of really focused attention 20-30 minutes of lesser focus
  15. 15. Divide day into multiple - 2.5 hour cycles Focus hard for 50 minutes take 10 minute break Then do it again Take a 20-30 minute break Lather, Rinse, Repeat all through out the day
  16. 16. Key Points! (Morning Success Ritual) Use very first cycle of day for you! 50 minutes exercise - shower/rest 50 minutes personal growth - 10 mins. rest 30 minutes breakfast Use a count down timer **Do at least one cycle for work
  17. 17. DON’T Check email or turn on phone until one work cycle is done Don’t answer phone during cycle Do your MOST productive task in your first cycle. Sets tone for day SEE A 300-400% INCREASE IN YOUR BUSINESS GUARANTEED
  18. 18. WILL POWER!! Strongest in morning Use it to start new habits It was hard at first, now easy Getting lots more done No longer a fireman My staff does it too so whole office is productive
  19. 19. Step Two - Take Charge of Email! Only check 1 - 2 times a day BY DESIGN! Do NOT check it first thing in the morning (Gets your day off to a bad start) When you do check, process, reassign, delegate, make it a task/project immediately Don’t let your inbox build up Check your task list daily - break large projects into smaller ones with mindmap
  20. 20. Use Web-based Email Use a web-based email system like GMail. (We have a whole class on it!) Put everything in folders (have one for each client or project) Easy to search Set up filters
  21. 21. Step Three - Help! Get an assistant Start with part-time if needed They do your 80%! So you can do your 20% answer phone, collect docs, call referral partners, call buyers and sellers, edit video, research scripts, manage social media, work on database You can’t say, “I’ll get to that” forever.
  22. 22. Take Good Notes Use this for yourself and your assistant Find ONE way that works best Notebook Cellphone Digital Recorder Evernote Transfer to task list or mindmap
  23. 23.
  24. 24. No procrastinating Good LLike L$$$$$
  25. 25. 6am - 7am Drink 1/2 liter of water, Exercise and Shower 7am - 8am Personal growth time (read, take a class, meditate, self help book, music) 8am - 8:30 Breakfast (3-400 calories) 8:30 - 9am Get to work, drive kids to school, etc. 9am-11am Start first work cycle with THE most productive thing for your business 11am-11:30 Take a RELAXATION break, eat (3400 calories) 11:30 Check email for 1st time of the day Assign tasks, delegate, etc. Noon Start second work cycle At end of day, empty email and plan your next day
  26. 26. Make a Promise! Goals don’t work Only promises do Make a promise to you and your family Make a promise to an accountability partner Make a promise to your staff (they count on you too :) Make a promise to me!
  27. 27. Exercise • Map out 60/60/30 for your morning success ritual • Map out 60/60/30 for your work • Map out 60/60/30 for home

Notas del editor

  • Morning success ritual, clearing your mental desk…. So you can focus
  • Distinction between able and do. What gets the grocery shopping done? Being able to go shopping or actually getting off your butt and going to the grocery store?
  • What should the #1 priority in your business be?
  • We talked about this, clearing the clutter from your ;mind, getting rid of lose ends and other energy robbers.
  • Making new connections. How do we do that? Good teaching, Video, Webinars, Emails
    Not answering the phones, billing, emails, support
  • Constantly calling timeouts, or in the huddle nothing would get done!
    Being busy is like a 99 yard drive and not scoring
  • Heart beat, breathing
    Circadian - the 24 hour day rhythm - rising and sleeping with the sun
    Ultradian - the 2-2.5 cycles that run with the circadian - Hungry every 2-3 hours, less focus, rem sleep
  • Everyone’s rhythm is a little different.
    Everyone’s break will be different. The key is to RELAX your mind and not keep it working.
    Tammy takes a nap, Carl listens to music and reads or watches TV.
  • If you are new at this, it may be hard to jump right in and change your whole schedule. So just do this for the 1st half of the day and then go back to your normal routine. Will show an example at the end.
  • Kind of like cheating on your diet the first thing in the morning. Sets the tone for the day.
  • This empties your mind so that is isn’t cluttered. Let’s you create new ideas!