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shift 2020 at next berlin 14 #iot #wearables #robotics

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My shift 2020 presentation at next Berlin 2014. A collaborative look on How Technology Will Impact Our Future in the year 2020 with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Devices and Wearable Technology - See also

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shift 2020 at next berlin 14 #iot #wearables #robotics

  2. mobile trends for the next 10 a collaborative outlook compliled by Rudy De Waele
  3. Carlos Domingo Redg Snodgrass Raina Kumra David Risher Chris Luomanen Martin Recke Paul Berney Tariq Krim Timothy Kotin Sunny Bates Kelly Goto David Rowan Jessica Colaco Yuri Van Geest Priya Prakash Michael J. O’Farrell Saul Klein Tomi Ahonen Ajit Jaokar Christian Lindholm Andrew Hessel Aubrey de Grey Russ McGuire Andrew Berglund Georgie Benardete Douglas Rushkoff Shannon Spanhake Ken Banks David Wood Ariane Van de Ven Blaise Aguera y Arcas Mike North Simon White Kate Darling Robert Rice Russell Buckley Gerd Leonhard Tricia Wang Neelie Kroes Salim Ismail Robin Wauters Inmaculada Martinez Will Page Raj Singh Ed Maklouf Nicolas Nova Louisa Heinrich Erik Hersman C. Enrique Ortiz Andy Abramson Raimo van der Klein Laurent Haug Eze Vidra Gianfranco Chicco Harald Neidhardt Fabien Girardin Mark A.M. Kramer Tony Fish Delia Dumitrescu Alan Moore Aape Pohjavirta Hans-Holger Albrecht Daniel Appelquist Kosta Peric Glen Hiemstra Scott Jenson Jonathan MacDonald Dr. Peter Cochrane Andrew Bud Martin Duval Dr. James Canton Sena Gbeckor-Kove Maarten Lens-FitzGerald Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
  4. Image © Wired Magazine
  5. Fit for the future Capitalising on global trends 1,344CEOs in 68 countries 39% their company’s growth prospects See page 5 86%of CEOs recognise the need to change R&D and innovation capacity all-pervasive megatrend. Technological advances Shift in global economic power Demographic shifts Base: All respondents (1,344) Source: PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey Q: Which of the following global trends do you believe will transform your business the most over the next five years? (Top three trends CEOs named.) 17th Annual Global CEO Survey The glass half-full p4 / The global rebalancing act
  6. China becomes the world’s largest smartphone market
  7. Africa Now The World’s Second Largest Mobile Market
  8. The WOW Generation
  9. Internet of Things IoT / IoE
  10. World population Connected devices per person Connected devices 50bn 25bn 12.5bn 500m 6.3bn 7.2bn 7.6bn6.8bn 20102003 2015 2020 21 3 7 more networked devices than people in the world By 2020 there will be nearly 7 times Source: Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group Figure 5 The number of connected devices is increasing dramatically
  11. Image © by Christoffer Rudquis fro Wired UK Magazine
  12. Smart Cities
  13. Smart Cities
  14. Smart Cities
  15. Smart Cities
  16. Smart Cities
  17. Robotics / AI
  18. Animatronic figure by Jordan Wolfson and Spectral Motion
  19. Image by @scobleizer
  20. Wearables
  21. Google unveils Android Wear, its modified OS for wearables
  22. Expo-Telecom Rudy de Waele / @mtrends San Jose, Costa Rica, November 7 2013
  23. Images by @ericsterman
  24. Thank You! Contact me @mtrends / "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." Malcolm X
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