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  1. 1. Under the guidance of:Dr. Kulvir Singh(Associate Professor and Head)Presented by:Rupanjit Kaur Grewal601102008School of Physics and Materials ScienceThapar University, Patiala.
  2. 2.  Exhibit Ionic Conductivity Have Either Mobile Anions Or Cations Maximum Conductivity From .1 To 10 Ohm- 1cm-1 Intermediate In Between Normal Crystalline Solids And Liquid ElectrolytesSOLID ELECTROLYTEORFAST ION CONDUCTORS
  3. 3. M2O.nX2O3 α, β, γ AgI AgI and Ag+ ionβ- alumina solid electrolytes Types of solid electrolytes PbF2 Cubic polymorph Halide ion of zirconia Oxide ionconductors conductors
  4. 4. APPICATIONS OF SOLID ELECTROLYTES A. Electrochemical Cell- Principles  Resistance To Ion Transfer  Mobile And Working IonsC. Oxygen Concentration  Chemical StabilityCells And Sensors  Cost Effective  Measurements of partial pressures of gases B. Batteries  Concentration of gasses dissolved in liquids  The Fabrication Of New Types Of Batteries.  For Example, Sodium-sulphur Cell
  5. 5.  Solid Electrolyte: StabilizedD. Fuel Cells Zirconia  Anode: Air, O2  Cathode: Fuel Gas -> H2, CO  Cell reaction: H2 +1/2 O2 → H2O CO+1/2O2 → CO2
  7. 7. In 2003, Dr. Kuan-Zong Fung worked on Comparison ofdissolution behavior and ionic conduction between Srand Mg doped LaGaO3 and LaAlO3In 2005, Dr. Ji Young Park worked on the effect of Tiaddition on the electrical conductivity of Sr- and Mg-doped LaAlO3Q.X. Fu et al. in 2006 worked on Evaluation of Sr- and Mn-substituted LaAlO3 as potential SOFC anode materialsIn 2010 Dr. Kuan-Zong Fung worked on Cathode-supportedSOFC using a highly conductive lanthanum aluminate-basedelectrolyteLITERATURE REVIEWS
  8. 8. PROPOSED WORK Synthesize Sr And Cu Doped LaAlO3 By Solid State Reaction X-ray Powder Diffraction Rietveld MethodSimulations Density functional theory SEM, DTA, TGA Impedance Spectroscopy Dilatometry