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Daz – Have we made a difference

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Daz – Have we made a difference

  1. 1. DAZ – Have we made a difference? Findings from recent NTEN Staff Survey and external audit • 80% of staff feel that they are able to make a difference to the quality of learning across the school. • Lead teachers take on a coaching role with a number of colleagues who require support, this process has been given additional credit through the removal of graded lesson observations. • 54% would feel confident challenging a colleague and around half regularly challenge their colleagues. • 57% feel that their existing practices are constructively challenged or questioned. • Peer observations are limited but an initiative (Blink Week) has led to staff taking risks for peer observations when they do take place. • 96% have opportunities to peer observe and be observed. • 98% welcome teachers to observe them.
  2. 2. Yes, we have • Most staff respondents felt that they had the opportunity to regularly share practice. • The focus for development is often based on research led by the DAZ group or other focus groups. Around two thirds of staff respondents recognised the focus on ‘best practice’ and evidenced approaches. • There is a growing culture of risk taking, largely due to the removing of graded lesson observations. 95% feel encouraged to innovate in their teaching. • 98% of respondents feel that ‘I have opportunities to engage in projects to improve teaching and learning’
  3. 3. What could we do better… • While CPD is based around overall pupil need, only 44% of respondents feel that their professional learning is targeted at improving the learning of specific pupils in my class. The focus on Learning & Pedagogy varies from different faculties • Fewer than half of staff regularly plan with colleagues. • Staff recognise that impact is measured through seeing progress of students due to the development in pedagogy, however this is not explicit and baseline assessments are not used to capture impact.
  4. 4. How ? S Jenner 17/07/14