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April Newsletter, Pathway Group

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April Newsletter, Pathway Group is Pathway Groups Internal Newsletter. It will keep you up-to-date with all the news from the organisation across all training centres and offices.

For more information e:mail: opr call:0121 707 0550

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April Newsletter, Pathway Group

  1. 1. NewsletterApril 2014 Race for Life Join us in supporting Jessica Brown who is running in the Race for Life in May in her efforts to raise awareness for Cancer. To make a donation visit the link: Jess says: “I’m running the race for life as the fight against Cancer is something that is close to my heart; as my Nan lost her life at the age of forty-five & my Aunty has beat Cancer twice. I would like to raise money to help reduce the amount of people who sadly lost the fight against cancer. Any donations to help me raise money for this cause would be greatly appreciated. “ Welcome from Safaraz Hi Everyone, Welcome to our new newsletter layout. I hope you like it & please let us know what you think. We are hoping to produce the newsletter every few months to keep you up-to-date with all the goings on at Pathway Group. We are always on the lookout for new information so if you would like to make a contribution to the newsletter please contact: Natalie Graves or Barry Knights. We are also currently looking for volunteers to write a short piece talking about their job, what you do, success stories etc. Let us know if you are interested in doing this! Kind Regards, Safaraz Ali New Starts Paul Taylor joined us in March as Internal Quality Assurance & a Team Manager of Assessors & IQA. Natalie Graves joined us in February as our new Marketing & Design Co-ordinator. Leavers Paul Everard sadly left us in March but we wish him all the best! Birthdays Eby Hussain 01/02 Louise Disdell 23/02 Seema Lal 09/03 Jess Brown 15/03 Peter Langley 16/03
  2. 2. North Herts College Inspection. You might recall at the turn of the year we were visited by a couple of inspectors from North Herts College, who carried out an OFSTED style inspection of Pathway services and systems. You will be delighted to hear that with a few exceptions we came out as borderline grade 2/3 which is better than we expected. We still have some recommendations to put in place & are developing a longer term quality strategy to improve our position. This is extremely important for Pathway especially with the government’s proposed changes to apprenticeships frameworks & funding looming large on the horizon. This involves all of us so please ensure that you keep your eyes and ears open to ways you can con- tribute. Tyseley News Reshuffle in Tyseley As you may be aware the Tyseley office has undergone a reshuffle. The aim is to improve communication across the college departments & most effectively utilise the office area. The move should help members of staff to liaise with other departments within the college to create a flexible and dynamic ethos. We have reintroduced a “hot desk area” to accommodate for our associates & would request that these hot desks are kept free of personalised documents/ items. There are now ample cabinets for storage. Please speak to Ahsan Husain if you require storage space for documents/items. We also now have Meeting Room 2 available that can accommodate meetings for up to 7 people, booking as per meeting Room 1. As always please bear in mind Pathways’ Clean Desk policy & ensure the office is kept clean & Tidy. On many occasions our affiliates walk through the office and therefore we should ensure the office is presentable & inviting. Walsall News Many of you based a Tyseley may not be aware of what happens in our other offices. We have two centres in Walsall, Tameway Tower, a large office block at the top end of Walsall. Here we run our Work Programme Contract & employ fifteen staff, looking after over one thousand clients. At Chata House (aka The Pathway Centre), located in Lichfield Street, we currently run the Workless Families Contract. (There are a further six people based there looking after three hundred plus clients.) The Work Programme clients are normally mandat- ed from the Job Centre, after a period of two years unemployment. Our job is to get that client into sustained employment for a minimum six month period. It is only after this we can claim an outcome & income. The Workless Family Project is a voluntary referral process and is aimed at families within the Borough at Walsall, that are not only out of work but may well also have a serious barrier to employment. Both projects offer training and one to one support to help people get back into the employment Both contracts in Walsall have now joined up thinking. All clients have access to the following courses (& more):  Raising Aspirations  Employability  Debt Management  CV Writing  Interview Techniques  Sector Skills based course Job Clubs are organised at both centres, with a range of clients, looking for specific sectors or general work. Both contracts working closer together & pooling the recourses available, we can help out clients more efficiently & to increase their potential in achieving employment. News & Updates
  3. 3. Quality ‘Quality’ Dictionary Definition: “Of the highest or finest standard”. Under the watchful eye of Shabir, a new quality policy has been developed for the delivery of Pathway services. Please make sure that you read this as soon as you can. The highest quality has to be applied to all of the work we do at Pathway if we are to achieve our objective of an outstanding OFSTED grade. More importantly this means we are delivering the best service possible to our clients, employers & learners alike. And we can all contribute to this by taking some simple actions:  Have I checked my work for errors? (Including spell check) & made any necessary corrections?  Have I met my deadlines (& kept my manager informed where there is some doubt)?  Have I taken any follow up actions identified?  Have I kept others informed or passed on work to the next stage in a timely manner & last but not least:  Is there anything I can do to help my colleagues? Please try to follow these simple rules and see if we can all make a difference. Smart Assessor Training This was rolled out to IVs week commencing 31/3/14 and to a cross section of assessors the following week 7/4/14. Please contact Steve if you have any questions. A Day in the life of HR Sophia tells us what working in HR involves. “My job in a nutshell is to ensure the smooth running of the HR department. I make sure all documents & files are up-to-date &easily accessible. I deal with many other tasks from new starters, leavers, references, contracts, queries. I also help out finance including creating invoices, posting invoices on the finance system, annual leave, sickness & payroll. Its not just a desk job, its about talking to people & answering any queries they may have. I am here not only for the business but for the employees as well, my door is always open & if you need any help, advice or support then please feel free to approach me.” Sophia Harley, HR & Finance Assistant Contracts Update I’m sure you will all be delighted to know that Pathway has been successful in winning several new contracts, well done to everyone involved! This includes Fran who works behind the scenes on writing the bids that result in us winning the work! New contracts include: Calderdale, QCFs nationwide; Manchester City College, this is an SSW contract specific to the Manchester LEP area, The D2N2 SSW in the Derbyshire and Nottingham LEP area, New College Nottingham QCF delivery nationwide, North Herts College QCF delivery East Anglia. Will all client facing staff please ensure that you are aware of the specific offerings including funding, available under each contract and all admin staff ensure that the correct codes are used when allocating learners to contracts. News & Updates
  4. 4. Careers Events There is only one event coming up but it is a big one! Birmingham MET are holding the Birmingham Made Me show on Friday 9th May at the MET campus & Millennium Point. We will be promoting both Vacancies & Apprenticeships opportunities. We are expecting a big turnout so staff will be needed for the day to help staff the stand. (Names to Barry please). A total of ten Careers road-shows were attended from the end of February to the middle of March with several Hundred potential candidates spoken to. As the procession of show moved around the West Midlands seemingly visiting all of the major football grounds from West Brom & Aston Villa in the premiership to Walsall & Wolverhampton in the lower leagues, the calibre of young people varied like the standard of the football teams. Some (younger attendees) were only interested in grabbing as many freebies as they could while others were better prepared & asked more meaningful questions. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority were still at school so no actual signups were made. However we did collect lots of contact details so as the apprenticeship vacancies come in we should be able to identify suitable candidates and match them with the employers. If you are interested in helping out at the next round of events please see Barry. News & Updates
  5. 5. 24 Plus Loans Last year saw the withdrawal of government funding for anyone aged 24 plus who wanted to undertake a training course at Level 3 or above including advanced and higher level apprenticeships. However all is not lost! Anyone wishing to improve their qualifications can now access an Advanced Learning loan (very similar to a student loan) to cover the cost of NVQ level 3 and 4 training courses. The application process is straightforward but there are some forms that need to be completed. Most courses require the learner to be in employment but there are exceptions like: ‘Certificate in starting your own Business’ & ‘Technical Certificates’ in Customer Service, Contact Centre Operations, The Principles of Business Administration, or preparing to work in Adult Health & Social Care. The good news is that you don’t need to make any repayments until you are earning more than £21,000 a year and even then repayments won’t start until after April 2016 and are made via the Tax & National Insurance system. If the learner goes on to Higher Education as a result of their course they won’t need to pay back the loan at all! If you are interested or know of anyone or any employers who want to train their staff but cant get the necessary funding support this could be just what they need. Talk to Lubna for more information. Traineeships Employers repeatedly complain the majority of young people applying for jobs are not prepared for the world of work. They point to the lack of soft skills like; working as part of a team, punctuality, good communication, attitude to work & experience. However young people tell us they didn’t get the job because they had no experience of working in a team, & didn’t show the right attitude to work etc. It’s a catch twenty-two situation. Traineeships give young people the opportunity to develop those skills important to employers in a real working environment. At the same time, the employer gets the chance to see what the potential worker is capable of and help them to hone their skills to an acceptable level. There is no commitment to a permanent job by the employer and no wage costs to pay, (but a contribution towards travel & meal costs would be appreciated). The Employer involvement would be to provide a work experience placement that meets national best practice standards, for up to Six weeks, & to have an input to the trainee’s development plan. Pathway will be on hand to support employer & the learner through that process with information, advice & guidance available at all stages. Pathway will also provide the learner with relevant up front training to develop those skills mentioned above, as well as English and Maths to a functional level. If specific skills are identified in the training plan, we can also include a vocational qualification appropriate to the sector so the learner can begin to develop their occupational skills in the workplace. To find out more go to: c.html News & Updates
  6. 6. Meeting room 1 Reception Meeting room 2 Assessor Ahsan H Kevin L Roxsar B Assessor Assessor Photocopi- er Lubna P Assessor Assessor Assessor Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 1 Hot Desk 1 Hot Desk 1 Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 2 Hot Desk 1 Hot Desk 1 Hot Desk 1 Raheel K Richard B Mohammed Arfan Mohammed Arif Shaheed Hira T Farhan Z Hot Desk 1 Users; Hot Desk 2 Users; Barry Knights Emma Bills Steve Johnston Jonathon Tyson Ahmed Umar Lynn Drinkald Kelly Shannon Natalie Graves Paul Taylor Sajad Ali Shabir Saddiq
  7. 7. Name Extension Director’s Room Safaraz Ali 127 Alan Hill 126 Reception Jenny Grimes 100 Accounts/HR Osman Sadique 113 Sophia Harley 122 Smruti Sanadi 121 Pathway College Shaheed Ladak 117 Raheel Khan 104 Richard Bradley 112 Hira Tabasum 110 Farhan Zaidi (Fuz) 101 Mohammed Arfan 132 Programme Delivery Team Lubna Parveen 102 Ahsan Husain 115 Roxsar Begum 103 Kevin Ly 120 Employer Engagement / Marketing Barry Knights 118 Natalie Graves 131 Quality Team Sajad Ali/Emma Bills 107 Paul Taylor 106 Kelly Shannon/Jonathon Tyson 109 125 335 Foundation Learning / NEETs Haleema Farid 136 Nicole Walters 116 Aqsa Akbar 340 Pathway2Work Paul Haines 114 Admin 134 Pathway2Work Reception 133 Baljit Purewal 123 Hyacinth Shirley 333 Pathway2Work Walsall 01922 897170 Chatha House/Pathway Centre Walsall 01922 870050
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