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The Business Book Awards

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'A celebration of the spoken and written word'.

Pathway Group are proud to be hosting The Business Book Awards; a celebration of authors who have shared their knowledge, experience, and expertise through business and self-development books.

See our leaflet for more information.

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The Business Book Awards

  1. 1. T @TheBBookAwards l f The Business Book Awards
  2. 2. Introduction The Business Book Awards celebrates the work of authors who have shared their knowledge, experiences, and expertise through the written and spoken word. The UK business book market is growing quicker than ever before partly assisted with the self and co-publishing opportunities; Sales of self-published e-books alone, have accounted for 22% of the digital book market in the UK. In fact, in the year 2016, the UK publishing industry grew to £4.4bn. The growth is fuelled in part by the significant rise in the business and self- development market, with the ongoing growth of the coaching industry. As more and more British professionals are becoming executive coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and mentors, the concept of ‘extending their reach’ by publishing a book is an attractive and somewhat standard route. Whathastakenoverthebookmarketmostisthemodernmarketingphenomenon of becoming an ‘authority’ in a respective field. A published business person not only achieves credibility for themselves, but for the business they are running as well. Their books often add core brand value by outlining their company’s key principles, values, and offerings; this encourages the audience to gain a deeper insight of their services- resulting in increased brand awareness and business sales. As well as claiming the title of an author, professionals are also promoting themselves through public speaking. The culmination of published content and speaking at high-profile events can generate more business leads and justify an increase in prices. The UK currently publishes more books per capita than any other country, and as the audience for business books is rapidly increasing, these figures indicate no signs of taking a dip. The ongoing growth of advanced digital technology also means that consumers are able to access any book from any part of the world- simply via a smart phone or digital tablet. The Business Book Awards recognises the change in the current market and aims to highlight the wide variety of business books in the industry, as well. Conventionally, business people have an ever-growing thirst for information, and are keen to improve their personal skill sets and knowledge through reading. The awards will be the ‘first of its kind’, welcoming all authors on the basis of a ‘no barriers entry’, from the UK, to submit an application without charge.
  3. 3. This will give every author- regardless of their experience- the opportunity to participate in an impartial judging process. We hope that the event will inspire other budding writers to come forward and publish their work. The Awards & Judging On the evening, 10 awards will be presented to various participants; 9 of these awards will be category specific, with the final one being awarded for the business book of the year. The books will be judged individually in line with the category specifications. Judges will take factors such as content, originality, design, and production quality all into account- as well as particularly focusing on innovation and creativity. Books that are shortlisted for each individual category will be automatically put forward for the ‘Business Book of the Year’ award. The winner of this award will be decided by the panel of judges collectively, based on a unanimous vote. The judging panel will be made up of experts from a range of fields, in line with the categories. Unlike several other organisations, there will be no financial commitment from the judges, making the process completely impartial to any individual. The panel will be making their decisions based on a set judging criteria, and will be monitored by a ‘head judge’ who will review all the applications. Participants will be required to complete a form which will be used to assess their application, as well as two copies of the book they would like to enter. It is permissible to submit an application for more than one category for multiple books, however each book will be treated as a separate application. Applications will be open in August and close in November, judging will take place throughout the month of December. 1. Best Start up Book 2. Best Sales Book 3. Best Management Book 4. Best Marketing Book 5. Best Social Media Book 6. Best Technology Book 7. Best Entrepreneur Book 8. Best Business Development Book 9. Best Self Development Book 10. Business Book of the Year Awards Categories
  4. 4. The Awards Evening The Business Book Awards will be held in March, at a hotel in Central London. We are expecting over 400 delegates to attend, including several high-profile professionals from the industry. The evening will involve entertainment, a luxurious 4 course meal, opportunities to network and of course, the recognition of all award winners. As well as comedy and musical entertainment, we look forward to hosting a presentation hosted by a prominent leading business professional. About ThinkFest ThinkFest is a professional corporate events management company operating in niche areas within the market. The company is run by Kasim Choudhry a multiple award winner who has over 12 years’ experience, organising and managing large scale events. ThinkFest runs four awards events a year, including the Asian Apprenticeship Awards, Adoption & Fostercare Awards, The Intrapreneur Awards, and The BusinessBookAwards.Wealsosuccessfullymanageaprofessionalnetworking organisation called Pathway2Grow which hosts over 100 events a year for business professional to meet, network, learn and grow. We pride ourselves on professionalism and the ability to provide the best quality ofservice.Unlikemanyofourcompetitorsintheawardsindustry,there are no fees for either the nominees or the judges. We believe credibility is the most important element of our organisation and this is difficult to maintain where there is an exchange of money. T @thinkfest l f ThinkFest Events