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Instructions for putting music on an i pod

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Instructions for putting music on an i pod

  1. 1. To download the music files, click on the link:CCM 2011 MusicA page showing the 3 folders comes up:Click on one of the music folders (one of the first two) and then into whichevervoice you want to download:For this example I’m using the bass files:
  2. 2. Click the download link on the right and then click save when the box pops upto save it to your computer.When you have all the files you want to use on an iPod, next you need to putthe songs into iTunes. In the iTunes menu use File -> Add File to Library orFile -> Add Folder to Library (if all the songs are in one folder)
  3. 3. That might be all you need to do – it depends how much music you have.If you have iTunes set to copy all of your music to your iPod then now themusic is in iTunes the next time you plug your iPod in, you’ll get the CCMsongs as well. But if you choose the music you put on your iPod then you’llneed to tell iTunes to put the CCM music onto your iPod.Either way it will be easier to find your CCM music if you create a Playlist withthe CCM songs in. To do this, just click on the PLUS (+) symbol in the bottomleft corner of iTunes:This will create a new playlist – and it takes you straight to giving it a name –just type the name you want:I typed CCM 2011
  4. 4. Now you just need to add your new music to this playlist. The easiest way todo this is to use a special Playlist that iTunes has built in called “RecentlyAdded”. It automatically puts music you add so you can find it recently.If you click on this play list (you’ll see it in the picture two above) then it willshow you (in order) all the music you have added to iTunes.Just select the music you want to add and right click, and in the menu thatpops up, click “Add to Playlist” and then in the menu that pops up click on thename of your new Playlist.Now the music you want to listen to is easy to find in the playlist called CCM2011.Next time you plug in your iPod, you can add this play list to the list of musicthat iTunes copies to your iPod. To do this:
  5. 5. When you plug your iPod (or iPhone) in to your computer, after a few secondsit will appear on the left of iTunes under the word DEVICES, click on it toselect it:Then click music at the top of the iTunes window and iTunes will show youyour music settings:If you have the first button ticked (Entire Music Library) then you don’t need todo anything else – next time you sync your iPod the CCM 2011 playlist will beon it with all of the rehearsal tracks.If, like me, you choose what you put onto your iPod, then lower down thescreen you will see a list of Playlists – just tick the new one “CCM 2011”When you’ve finished, click the Apply button in the bottom right corner:
  6. 6. Then next time you sync your iPod you’ll have the new Playlist.