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Episode 13 : Research Methodology ( Part 3 )

  1. SAJJAD KHUDHUR ABBAS Chemical Engineering , Al-Muthanna University, Iraq Oil & Gas Safety and Health Professional – OSHACADEMY Trainer of Trainers (TOT) - Canadian Center of Human Development Episode 13 : Research Methodology ( Part 3 )
  2. Research Methodologies Professor, What is Research Methodology It’s the rational sequence of scrutinizing materialistic ideologies through scrupulous and moralistic efforts to make socio-ethical betterment…….. Anyone understood???
  3. Research Methodology ?
  4. Is this the most important for U? • Assessment Method Week -6: Assessment- 25% Week -10: Group Assessment- 25% Week -12 : Oral Presentation - 10% Week 14+: Final Examination - 40%
  5. Course Objectives At the end of this course, you should be able to: * Understand basic concepts of research and its methodologies * Identify appropriate research areas and avenues * Select and define appropriate research problem and parameters * Prepare a project proposal (to undertake a project) * Organize and conduct research in an scientific and ethical manner * Selection of mathematical and analytical tools * Write a research report and thesis * Effectively communicate with the scientific society * Understand the social responsibility as an engineer
  6. “ Expertise is earned – not made” “Brilliance is made– not born” This course will not be able to Make you an Instant Expert in Research Methodology Geniuses are born- not made
  7. WHY DO WE NEED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ? Supplementary Presentation-1
  8. WHY DO WE NEED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ? To make a better world for all living beings !!!! This is what you should determine and impregnate in your mind for the rest of your life
  9. Why do we need research? (This is what you have to write at the exam) • To get PhDs, Masters and Bachelors etc. • To provide solutions to complex problems • To investigate laws of nature • To make new discoveries • To develop new products • To reduce cost • To improve the life-style • To fulfil human desires
  10. 1.1: Concepts of research and its methodologies Consider the following [1] Miss Nurul wrote and article on “The pros and cons of genetically modified food” after reviewing literature on the subject available at the university library and called it a research paper. [2] Mr. Chang says that he has discussed with the Head of the Renewable Energy unit and prepared a research document which gives information on all renewable energy plants in Malaysia; The type of energy sources, out put capacity, capital investment, return on investment, measures against atmospheric pollution etc. [3] Mr Kadir participated in a “Workshop on the Construction and maintenance of of Smart Tunnels” and prepared what he calls, a research report on the available civil engineering techniques on building modern tunnels; based on the workshop materials presentations and discussions with the resource persons and participants WHICH OF THE ABOVE IS A TRUE RESEARCH?
  11. None of them can be classified under the name “Research” WHY ?
  12. Consider the following case • The Technical manager of CRYPTON Car Company received a large number of complaints of similar type, within a short period of time, regarding a new model of vehicles they have released. After carefully studying these complaints he came up with the following summary of the complaints “ A strange noise is emitted from somewhere in the car, when the AC is switched on, after few thousand kilometers of usage”
  13. • He talked to his technical crew and obtained various information related to the AC system and other pertinent components to identify the various factors influencing the problem.
  14. • He then formulated the problem and generated guesses (hypotheses): 1.The cooling fan may be degraded so the fan blade may have changed the shape 2.There can be electromagnetic interference between the electrical signals to the AC system controlling unit and the sound system of the car 3.The AC pump may be degraded and the pumping mechanism giving out noise 4.The AC coil mound may be loosened and the unit vibrates at certain engine frequencies (resonating) 5.……………… 6.. 7.. 8.. 9..
  15. • After talking to a customer he obtained a car with the problem. Then he asked his technical team to follow the check list to identify the cause of the problem.
  16. The technical team follow the checklist and finally provided a report on their observations on each item of the check list
  17. Analyzing the list of Observations he determines that the problem is loosening of the mounds of the AC unit with time Then he obtains several other cars with the problem, followed the same procedure and verified that his conclusion is correct
  18. Then he prepared a detailed technical report and forwarded to the Department of Automobile Design: The report includes the problem, how he built up the hypothesis, the technical observations and analysis, conclusions regarding the problem and his suggestions for the rectifications. This is a Good Research Work
  19. You will notice in the example above that • First; The researcher went through a sequence of steps which were in order and systematic. • Second; The researcher did not just jump at the conclusions, but used a scientific method of inquiry in reaching at conclusions. • The two important characteristics of research are : it is systematic and secondly it follows a scientific method of enquiry. There is NO MAGIC in research
  20. What is Research? Research is the organized scientific investigation to understand the nature, solve problems, test hypotheses or develop /discover /invent new findings / products The Research Methodology includes • Understanding the nature of problem to be studied and identifying the related knowledge. • Reviewing literature to understand how others have approached or dealt with the problem. • Collecting data in an organized and controlled manner so as to arrive at valid decisions. • Analyzing data appropriate to the problem. • Drawing conclusions and making generalizations.
  21. This general systematic characteristic of research is Summarized below. Problem Identification Reviewing Information Data Collection Analysis Drawing Conclusions
  22. High Quality Research! • is based on the previous work. • can be replicated (duplicated). • can generalized to other settings. • is based on some logical rationale and tied to a theory. • is doable • generates new questions or is cyclic in nature. • is incremental. • is an apolitical activity that should be undertaken purely for the betterment of living beings
  23. Then, what is bad research? • The opposites of what have been discussed. • Looking for something when it simply is not to be found. • Plagiarizing other people’s work. • Falsifying data to prove a point. • Misrepresenting information and misleading participants.
  24. The basic assumption of the scientific method is that every effect has a cause Therefore Science can be (and should be) questioned !!!
  25. Thanks for Watching Please follow me / SAJJAD KHUDHUR ABBAS