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What partners don't tell you about sugarcrm professional edition

If you ask a SugarCRM partner a question, the answer is invariably "Oh, you need to purchase the Professional Edition to do that".

But Professional Edition is more of the same-old, same-old tired business model of proprietary software and vendor lock-in.

But there's an alternative to Professional Edition that's completely Open Source and 100% compatible with SugarCRM.

So, here's why you don't need to buy licences to access more powerful and demanding functionality for SugarCRM.

And here's the instructions on how to get it.

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What partners don't tell you about sugarcrm professional edition

  1. 1. SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM  Professional  10 things SugarCRM Partners say you can only do in SugarCRM Professional Edition .. But you don't need Professional Edition. INTRODUCING SuiteCRM – the open source alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition Quoted costs are from and are correct at 18.12.13
  2. 2. Agenda ➢ SugarCRM Professional Edition ➢ SuiteCRM ➢ 10 things they don't tell you about SugarCRM Professional Edition ➢ About SalesAgility
  3. 3. What they don't tell you about  SugarCRM Professional Edition ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢ It's not Open Source It is the same-old, same-old proprietary software that you can get from Microsoft, Oracle etc. Version 7 no longer features upgrade-safe practices – Version 7 breaks functionality found in previous versions and may lead to significant upgrade costs Minimum commitment of 5 users for 1 year - $2,100 No phone support – to get phone support, add $120 per user per year to licence charge – for 5 users, another $600 ➢ No SugarCRM Mobile Plus – to add this is another $600 for 5 users ➢ Need standard reports? - that's another $750 ➢ So far it's $4,050 for 12 months. But you may not have stopped yet.
  4. 4. What they don't tell you about  SugarCRM Professional Edition ➢ Self-service Portal – sorry, you need to pay for the Enterprise Edition to get that. Did we tell you about Enterprise Edition? It's only $60 per user per month and you can buy add-ons for that too. ➢ Need professional assistance. That'll be $250 per hour ➢ Social integration – sorry, that's extra ➢ Google Maps – oops, that's extra too ➢ Marketing integration – uh huh, that's also extra ➢ DO I GET ANYTHING WITHOUT AN EXTRA CHARGE? ➢ Did we tell you about Ultimate Edition? It's only $150 per user per month
  5. 5. They never tell you about  SuiteCRM ➢ ➢ It's Open Source. It's free to download. It's free to modify. It's free to distribute. It is the new business model for software. Open Source moves power from the vendor to the customer. The best Open Source companies are those that deliver the best customer service. ➢ Free upgrade from SugarCRM 6.5.x to SuiteCRM 7.x ➢ 100% compatible with SugarCRM ➢ All SugarCRM extensions will also work with SuiteCRM ➢ Need a customer Portal – it's included ➢ Need standard reports? - included ➢ So far it's $0 for 12 months. But you may not have stopped yet.
  6. 6. SuiteCRM ➢ Need professional assistance. There's an open market for skills. Costs will be appropriate to your local market ➢ Social integration – coming in SuiteCRM 7.1 - free ➢ Google Maps – free ➢ Marketing integration – coming in 7.2 - free ➢ DO I NEED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING? ➢ Training, customisation, support and consultancy are all available from SuiteCRM partners. You will have to pay for these.
  7. 7. The SugarCRM Community  Rocks! The SugarCRM Community in Numbers Over 10 million downloads A community of 30,000 registered developers Has deeper functionality than many commercial offerings on the market today The reasons you choose SuiteCRM It's SugarCRM supercharged Flexible Development Platform Great Community Support and Documentation Open Transparent Business Culture Exactly the same code base as SugarCRM It's Open Source – you own the code It's Open Source – you have complete control over the code, the upgrades, the hosting, the support - forever 100% compatible with SugarCRM The huge library of SugarCRM extensions also work with SuiteCRM
  8. 8. What SugarCRM partners   don't tell you 10 things SugarCRM Partners say The Reality – what SuiteCRM delivers If you want to do any of the following, you will have to purchase SugarCRM Professional Edition: All of the processes in CRM are well known and commoditised. There are no trade secrets or surprises. SuiteCRM does nearly everything that Professional Edition (or Microsoft/SalesForce) does .. it just does them a little differently: (1) Customisable reports and dashboards (1) Fantastic reporting inc Dashboards (2) Workflow (2) Brilliant workflow (3) Sales forecasting capabilities (4) Marketing reports (5) Contracts or quotes (6) Email and social plugins (7) Project management module (8) Mobile CRM (3) Superb forecasting capabilites (4) Comprehensive marketing reports (5) Contracts, quotes, invoices and products (6) Great plugins for mail and social (7) The same Project Management modules as Pro (8) Excellent Mobile capability (9) Enjoy hosting options (9) Host where you want – how many more options do you need? (10) Get professional support (10)Support everywhere
  9. 9. What you get with SuiteCRM REPORTS Custom Reports Monitor business performance Track key metrics across sales, marketing and support Create advanced charts, scheduled reports, custom reports, dashboards, matrix reports and more. Enterprise-class reporting tools Easily share reports
  10. 10. What you get withSuiteCRM FORECASTING Sales Forecasting Eliminate "gut feel" guess work and make data-driven business decisions Generate accurate forecasts based on sales data in Sugar and analyze your pipeline Monitor how individuals and teams are performing based on opportunities by sales stage. Enterprise-class reporting tools
  11. 11. What you get with SuiteCRM MARKETING REPORTS Marketing Reports Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across multiple channels Compare the budget of a campaign to the resulting actual sales Create email templates
  12. 12. What get with SuiteCRM QUOTES AND CONTRACTS Quotes and Contracts Create and manage your contracts and quotes Manage your Product Catalog so that your sales team can add your organisation’s products to quotes Quotation Groups to give your customers options Discounts as percentage or amount Automatic lookup on product name or part number Convert Quotations to Invoices and Contracts Editable PDF Templates for professional output Email Quotes and Invoices to customer direct from Quotation
  13. 13. What you get with SuiteCRM EMAIL AND SOCIAL Email and Social Plugins Integrate your Email with SugarCRM using the Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird and Gmail Manage your Google docs using the Google Docs integrations View Customers on LinkedIn See where your customers are and plan activities based on the integrated Google Maps Social plugins in 2014
  14. 14. What you get with SuiteCRM MOBILE AND OFFLINE Mobile CRM Increase the productivity of yours Sales reps with real-time access on the go with SuiteCRM Mobile access Offline access to your SugarCRM data Access Sugar from your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet * MobileCRM is a community contribution and is a paid-for extension
  15. 15. What you get with SuiteCRM PROJECTS Tasks and Projects Create Tasks and assign them to yourself or to other users. Use SugarCRM Projects Module to create and manage projects and project tasks for your organisation. Resources and Gantt (7.1 – Jan 2014) View Gantt charts Plan your resources Build relationships between tasks
  16. 16. What you get with SuiteCRM WORKFLOW Powerful Workflow Create or modify SuiteCRM records based on conditions Send emails based on conditions Create new actions such as calls and meetings View running processes and process history Wide variety of Condition types Wide variety of fields and operators
  17. 17. What you get with SuiteCRM HOSTING Hosting Choose the deployment option that best suits your needs: On-site On-demand Private clouds
  18. 18. What you get with SuiteCRM SUPPORT Support E-mail Phone Portal Instant Messenger
  19. 19. How do I get SuiteCRM? Try SuiteCRM demo version Browse to Register Your username and password will be emailed to you Road test SuiteCRM on our super-fast servers
  20. 20. SuiteCRM Professional  Services? For more information about SuiteCRM Browse to the website: Hosting, consulting, development and
  21. 21. Who's behind SuiteCRM? About SalesAgility Contact We only do Community Edition E-mail – We've only ever done Community Edition Phone - +44 (0) 1786 585 499 We don't sell proprietary SugarCRM versions We have seven years experience of SugarCRM We deal with Enterprises, Governments, NGO's, Small and Medium sized businesses, not-for-profits We do very, very complex projects and straighforward projects We're focused on service not licences We have clients across the globe – Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa & USA We're one of the largest SugarCRM talent pools globally and the biggest independent SugarCRM consultancy on the planet Website:
  22. 22. Why is SuiteCRM important? SugarCRM History SuiteCRM Commitments SugarCRM Community Edition is the most used and successful open source CRM in the world SuiteCRM is 100% SugarCRM compatible Now that they have achieved some success, SugarCRM are no longer focused on open source SuiteCRM is 100% open source They no longer work with the community for new software releases There was a real danger that Community Edition would wither on the vine No other SugarCRM consultancy globally has as much experience extending Community Edition or has released as much code for Community Edition as SalesAgility We made the decision that SugarCRM Community Edition would continue to thrive even if it was neglected by SugarCRM We reworked a lot of the code we had written over the years and released it as a supercharged Community Edition - SuiteCRM SuiteCRM is free to download SuiteCRM is free to modify We will continue to support both SugarCRM and SuiteCRM We will continue to extend and improve SuiteCRM We intend SuiteCRM to be the #1 open source CRM globally SuiteCRM will always be open source