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Opportunity Knocks on the Student Life Cycle

  1. Opportunity Knocks on the Student Life Cycle Nadia Kaminski, Manager of Academic Success Coaches Laura Kite, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs University of Wisconsin-Extension
  2. Session Overview 1. Provide an understanding of how UWEX has reimagined the SIS 2. Demonstrate how subscription periods (terms) are opportunities to support students and keep them engaged on their academic path
  3. University of Wisconsin System 26 Campuses • 13 four-year universities ( 2 Doctoral) • 13 two-year colleges UW-Extension • Statewide, non-degree granting until 2015 • Continuing Education, Outreach and E-Learning UW System 2018-19 Restructuring • 13 four-year universities with branch campuses • UW-Extension to be aligned under UW System 175,000 students
  4. UW Flexible Option Launched January 2014 • Board of Regents authorized UW-Extension with degree granting authority in December 2015 Self-Paced, Online Degree and Certificate Program • Focus on learning, not class time. Learners demonstrate mastery of a skill or competency and progress at their own pace. Subscription Periods • Twelve 3-month subscription periods aimed at serving adult and non-traditional learners • Students are able “pause” and “resume” subscription periods based on life circumstances • Competencies organized in groupings similar to traditional courses • Business Administration program is project based (39 projects with 116 competencies) Competency Based Education
  5. UW Flexible Option Program Offerings Degree Completion Programs ● Associate of Arts and Science (UW Colleges) ● Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN completion (UW-Milwaukee) ● Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences Diagnostic Imaging degree completion (UW-Milwaukee) ● Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology degree completion (UW-Milwaukee) ● Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree completion (UW-Extension) Certificate Programs ● Business and Technical Communications (UW-Milwaukee) ● Project Management (UW-Parkside) ● Substance Use Disorders Counselor (UW-Madison)
  6. Definition of Key Terms Student Engagement System • System of record used by UW-Extension staff to mange both student and academic records Subscription Period • Three month cycle: the learner subscribes and renews every three months. Able to “pause” & “resume” Competency Sets/Projects • Competency Sets: Competencies organized in groupings of credit equiv. similar to courses • Projects: UWEX BSBA degree – 39 Projects, 116 competencies; assigned credit equiv. similar to courses Academic Plan of Study (APS) • Road map to graduation – created in the student portal and requires advisor approval each SP • APS is created in the portal, but becomes a Student Degree Plans (SDP) in Salesforce
  7. Vision of the UW-Extension Student Engagement System • Student Centric • Flexible & Interchangeable • Umbrella to multiple apps • End-to-end Student Lifecycle management • Leverage data for informed decision-making • 360° view
  8. Different – How? • Focused on the student experience - not data management • Covers the entire student lifecycle • Based on a service-delivery model • lead->student>opportunity>happy student->repeat student • Allows for flexible points of entry (function and role) by the student/staff member • Cloud-based (agility) • Modern architecture opens doors for more/simplified integrations SES vs Traditional SIS
  9. How we use the SES Supporting Students
  10. Academic Success Coaches Screen Shot Views of the System
  11. Role of Academic Success Coaches Academic Planning Individualized Learning Plan Study Strategies Systems and Process Support Life Coaching Academic Content Support Student Success
  12. Academic Success Coaching SES Homepage
  13. Academic Success Coaching – Stages of Opportunities Stages • Academic Planning • Eligible to Register Opportunity Continues • Academic Plan completed and confirmed Opportunity Closes • Cancellation • No show
  14. Transfer Credit Evaluation
  15. Transfer Credit Evaluation – Detailed View
  16. Reviewing “Course Connections”
  17. Academic Plan of Study (“SDP”)
  18. APS Approval
  19. Academic Planning to Registration
  20. ASC Student Caseload Management (Monthly Starts)
  21. Manager – ASC Student Caseload Management
  22. Case Management by Issue/Request Type
  23. Our Student Portal
  24. Student Portal – Self Service (“My UW-Ex”)
  25. Student Self Service -“To Do List”
  26. Student Self Service – “My Academic Record”
  27. Student Self Service – “My Academic Plan”
  28. Student Portal – Self Service Register
  29. Student Self Service – “My Requests”
  30. “How do we use this data to inform the bigger picture?
  31. Predictive Modeling Predict future demand • Scaling for faculty, ASC’s and other supports Anticipate graduation dates • Supports predicting how many new students we will need to add to reach targets Using Student Degree Plan Data
  32. Course Level Report Anticipated Registration Data
  33. Predicted Graduation Report Calculated and Expected PROGRAM ENROLLMENT ID CONTA CT ADMISSION DATE START DATE CALCULATED GRADUATION DATE EXPECTED GRADUATIO N SDP STATUS SDP STATUS DATE PE-0061 2/22/2018 4/2/2018 3/31/2021 ASC Approved 3/6/2018 PE-0059 2/20/2018 4/2/2018 3/31/2021 ASC Approved 3/5/2018 PE-0057 2/15/2018 4/2/2018 3/31/2021 ASC Approved 3/1/2018 PE-0056 2/13/2018 4/2/2018 3/31/2021 ASC Approved 3/12/2018 PE-0051 1/30/2018 3/2/2018 2/28/2021 ASC Approved 2/26/2018 PE-0049 1/11/2018 3/2/2018 2/28/2021 ASC Approved 2/15/2018 PE-0048 12/27/2017 2/2/2018 1/31/2021 ASC Approved 1/11/2018 PE-0047 12/27/2017 2/2/2018 1/31/2021 ASC Approved 1/26/2018
  34. Want to Learn More? Academic Planning and Registration for Student Success When: Thursday @ 10:15 Where: Woodrow Wilson C Session on Thursday with Dan Kellogg, our Registrar
  35. Nadia Kaminski Laura Kite