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Sales Hacker Conference San Francisco - Craig Rosenberg - 5 Ways Salespeople are Hacking Sales

5 Ways Salespeople are Hacking Sales by Craig Rosenberg

Sales Hacker Conference San Francisco - November 6, 2014

Visit for more sales hacks, tips, and tactics.

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Sales Hacker Conference San Francisco - Craig Rosenberg - 5 Ways Salespeople are Hacking Sales

  1. 1. 5 Ways Salespeople Are Hacking Sales Craig Rosenberg Chief Analyst TOPO @funnelholic
  2. 2. Craig Rosenberg Chief Analyst, TOPO Visit me at: @funnelholic
  3. 3. Five Killer Sales Hacks: 1. Extreme Personalization 2. Leveraging Visual Content 3. Going Offline 4. The High-Low Play 5. Decision Maker Content
  5. 5. The Email to Howard Schultz That Worked After sending my last email, got really excited and wanted to share some ideas I had on how Starbucks could leverage <Company Name>: • Mobile app distribution - reduce friction by allowing your website visitors to download your mobile app by texting the download link to their phone. We intelligently detect whether a phone is on iOS or Android OS and sends them to the right app store. • Picture message a coupon to your customers on their birthday. Why tell them how good a frap will be when you can show them the gooey ribbons of caramel? • New VIP service: text your order in to your local Starbucks. Get your favorite thirst quencher sooner. • Picture message Starbucks coupons w/QR codes to your friends on special occasions. • Leverage geo-location services to MMS special deals to customers when they are in close vicinity to a Starbucks. The possibilities are really endless. I'd love to chat with you further about how other companies are using us, as well as chat more about how we can help foster Starbucks' future innovative ventures. Be bold – share some amazing ideas; they will respect even if you are wrong.
  6. 6. The Email to Me That Worked Looks like we have plenty of things in common… Here are some commonalities between Yesware and TOPO: • Twilio is a customer (and also an integration partner now powering our click-to-call feature) • We are a ISV partner, and it looks like is a client of yours • Our Director of Sales, Mike Haylon is on the speakers list at the Saleshacker conference. He also used to work at Netsuite, another client of yours • Most importantly, we're focused on driving results. Customers like Twitter, Acquia, and The Financial Times have seen a 25% growth in new business using our product. Customers choose our sales technology to accelerate their sales efforts. Let's explore how we can work together to help your customers share the same experience our customers have had since using Yesware. I can also share with you some more customer success stories and why our market-leading product is chosen by high-growth sales teams. “We should talk whether you buy something from me or not”. Bullet points that are customized and specific to me.
  7. 7. The Follow-up Email That Would Have Worked “I have actually read something you have produced and will prove it by tying it to my own personal experience.” – connection made. Hi Craig, Thank you for signing up to Test Drive Kapost. I recently read your blog post "Can Millennials Sell?" As a millennial myself, this specific line really resonated with me, "Juxtapose this against your average Gen X salesperson who still speaks lovingly of the Blackberry’s tactile keyboard, who maintains maybe just 1-2 social properties, and who prefers the face-to-face meeting to the digital one." My dad is a successful salesmen, who is still using a Blackberry and scheduling in person meetings, ha! My role here at Kapost is to see if I can answer any questions for you about Kapost, or clarify anything about our platform after taking a Test Drive. Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional resources. Best,
  9. 9. The Outbound GIF Play (P.S. Puppies Work) Outbound Email Hey Grace-- thought you might enjoy this adorable puppy video...because why not, it's Wednesday. Insert GIF here Was going through my personal Twitter stream and landed upon Company X and noticed you're the mind behind the madness for social. Thought it would be relevant for you to check out what Insightpool is up to. We help companies find and proactively engage the audiences that matter most to them, driving their success in share of voice as well as having CTRs of over 100%. Would love to talk with you about Company X's social initiatives! My schedule is open Thursday/Friday afternoon later this week (EST). • Research Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. for what they are posting and who they are following. • Focus on key areas: college (undergrad), hobbies, and puppies. • Find a funny video, picture, or GIF and embed into your email.
  10. 10. The Personalized, Customized Explainer Video Video is personalized to the viewer including name, company, title, etc. Call to action with business card attached included in video. You think it’s compelling if they open an email? How about if they watch a video explaining your value prop. Capability provided by Switch Merge
  12. 12. Infer Sent Me Running Shoes, I Wear Them
  13. 13. “Gift Selling” Explained Score VM/Email #1 VM/Email #2 First Meeting Huge Close Prospecting Offline Play First Sales Call Offline Play Prospecting Offline Play: • Score the account/contact for demographic fit (it has to be worth it). • In between digital and voice touches, send memorable offline touch focusing on fun or education (depending on buyer). • Require signature. Call and email immediately upon delivery. First Sales Call Offline Play: • Same as above. • Send after first meeting (especially for shirts so you can get t-shirt size).
  15. 15. The High-Low Play(s) Inbound Lead Outbound Touch Pattern Pre-First Touch High- Low Account Discovery Sales Process Huge Close Post Discovery High Low Pre-First Touch High-Low Play: • Score the account/contact for demographic fit (it has to be worth it). • Before your first touch, identify 2-3 potential decision makers and call/email high. • Either pretend you never got the inbound lead OR mention inbound lead in your message. • Be strategic and business focused in your messaging. Post-Discovery High-Low Play: • Use data gathered in discovery to craft customized outreach.
  17. 17. LeadMD Doubled Pipeline in 6 Months by…
  18. 18. Inserting Strategic Content into the Sales Process Discovery Call Pitch Proposal VM/Email #3 Nurture Strategic Content Meeting • Gather simple data set. • Develop strategic presentation or content asset. • Request meeting with executives for delivery. • Deliver benchmark by sales person or strategist (bigger accounts). • Even if you can’t get the executive meeting, you have customized content for your champion to deliver or you can send yourself (see High-Low Play).
  19. 19. The Decision Maker Content High Low Play Mention champion name upfront in case the email gets passed back to them. Focus on business impact when writing to decision makers. Dear <decision maker>, I am currently working with <champion> to explore if <company name> can help <organization name> drastically reduce the risks and unnecessary costs of a <insert pain or challenge>. I have attached a Risk Report we have created for <organization name>. As you will see, a <compelling event> will have a significant impact on your business. I’d appreciate the opportunity to walk you through it and share how companies like yours have solved this challenge. If you just let me know a couple days/times that work for you, I’d love to spend 10-15 minutes walk you through report.
  20. 20. Thank you! Craig Rosenberg Chief Analyst TOPO @funnelholic

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5 Ways Salespeople are Hacking Sales by Craig Rosenberg Sales Hacker Conference San Francisco - November 6, 2014 Visit for more sales hacks, tips, and tactics.


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