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Secrets to Driving High-conversion Inbound Leads

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Secrets to Driving High-conversion Inbound Leads

  1. 1. Secrets to driving high- conversion inbound leads David Priemer VP Sales
  2. 2. About me •15 years in tech sales, 3-start-ups – $500M in total acquisitions • Last venture, Rypple, acquired by Salesforce (2012) – top clients: Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Spotify, LivingSocial • Rypple rebranded as – retooled sales machine, grew business 450% in 9Q’s
  3. 3. Top 3 sales lessons learned 1. Selling stuff is hard! 2. People operate on inertia 1. Only your mother cares about how smart you are * * 3b. Everyone else cares about results .
  4. 4. Lead conversion is about INERTIAL ju-jitsu Reducing inertia makes it easy to buy from you!
  5. 5. We see great examples all around us “Damn! I DO need to start eating healthier!” “Don’t know if I need this, but it was right there…” DisruptiveComplementary
  6. 6. Traditional lead conversion model Marketing driven MQL’s Sales convert here Buyerinterestlevel Large Inertial gap MQL’s are low conversion, high effort
  7. 7. High intent lead conversion model Buyerinterestlevel Reducing inertial gap key to high conversion Marketing driven MQL’s Sales convert here Small Inertial gapHigh intent leads
  8. 8. Messaging that drives high intent leads Polarizing People get it quickly Relevant Message hits home Insightful Teaches something
  9. 9. The science behind why this works (best book ever!)
  10. 10. Polarizing: pick an enemy (lead with pain) • What BIG problem are you tackling? • What universal issue are you improving? • Who specifically your solution targets. Examples: • “Sales rep attrition costs your company millions” • “Happy customers are your best sales people” • “Accounting software for non-accountants”
  11. 11. Polarizing messaging example: Rypple
  12. 12. People love to talk about polarizing messages! Wall Street Journal (Oct/08): Get Rid of the Performance Review! The Economist (Dec/08): The Rypple effect: A novel way to satisfy feedback junkies Wall Street Journal (Apr/10): Yes, Everyone Really Does Hate Performance Reviews New York Times (May/10): Time to Review Workplace Reviews? Wired (Jun/11): How Facebook Uses Feedback Loops: Meet Rypple Gigaom (Jun/11): Performance reviews 2.0: improving feedback for web workers Forbes (Sep/11): Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution Forbes (Jun/12): Applying Lean Startup Thinking To Managing Talent Wall Street Journal (Jul/12): Leveraging the Facebook Phenomenon For Business Forbes (Aug/12): Hacking Work Forbes (Sep/12): Redefines what HR Software Is
  13. 13. Relevant: is the message on target? • Is your customer’s pain part of your message? • Are you focused on the right roles/personas? HR Execs Sr. Mgrs Buyer By Transaction HR Execs Sr. Mgrs Buyer By Revenue
  14. 14. Relevant: is the message on target? • Is your customer’s pain part of your message? • Are you focused on the right roles/personas? • Are the words you’re using the right ones? What can we learn from this guy?
  15. 15. Insightful: teach your audience something new • leverage the power of reciprocity to raise intent • build value in your brand • use insights to uncover hidden pain!
  16. 16. Example: scaling your business the wrong way Missed Revenue Targets Variable Win Rates 90% of managers don’t spend enough time coaching, motivating, and driving accountability 67% of reps will not make quota 40% of reps will leave in the first 12 months Sources: The TAS Group, Objective Management Group Inc. High turnover Unclear Expectations
  17. 17. Example: reward for high engagement organizations Reduced turnover Bersin Associates Study, June 2012 31% 17% Increase in goal attainment Sales Executive Council, 2007 2-4XIncrease in customer satisfaction Aberdeen Group, 2009 Reduced onboarding time Salesforce customer survey, 2013 35%
  18. 18. Haven’t listened until now? • Disrupt inertia to drive high conversion leads • 3 messaging properties that reduce inertial gap: – Polarizing: people get it quickly – Relevant: message hits home – Insightful: teaches something
  19. 19. Homework • Make sure messages immediately communicate value • Review the words you’re using in lead gen materials • Segment your lead nurturing tracks by persona • Ensure your communications teach something

Notas del editor

  • Talk about 3 things:
    Lead conversion: what drives high or low conversion
    Messaging: 3 principles for driving high conversion (with some real world examples)
    Homework: things you can do when you leave here today to reevaluate and tweak your lead gen operation
  • first acquired product to hit quota in first year
  • Disruptive messages are often rooted in pain.
  • Drive MQL’s by saying: Free iPhones
  • Polarizing: above the fold messages
  • Think about how infomercials work! How do they start off?
    Universal can be for a specific group
  • Don’t be a solution without a problem
  • Workbrain ERM
  • Steve Blank example
    Reusing towel example
  • Feedback, coaching, alignment rich environments.