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Evaluation question 2

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Evaluation question 2

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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? When looking back at my work, my music video and ancillary tasks, some aspects do maintain a professional standard, however in hindsight there is room for improvements. All in all I do feel the music video replicates one of a professional level, similar to the work of the Arctic Monkeys, the artist I chose to use. It does seemthat it would easily fit in during a MTV show or on a VEVO account for YouTube, not looking out of place compared to music videos by well-known artists such as Kasabian or The Black Keys. When regarding the Album design in my digipack work I feel that from the front and back covers it would suit and look in place during a record store such as HMV. I have followed conventions through the design of the front and back cover meaning it does look professional and part of a piece of design by the band itself. I feel that the particular use of colour has worked well within these two covers and matches similar material by Alternative Rock artists. Here is an example of an album by The Kooks that I feel it resembles on the front cover.
  2. 2. The use of black and white artwork that I have used I feel highlights the genre of my work, making it easily noticeable within a store. However I am not sure whether the job I made of the front and back covers has been replicated to the same standard within the inside covers. At the time of production I didn’t really have any more ideas as to what I should include within the albums covers. The inside left panel features a direct still image from the music video that I produced which I thought may connect the ancillary task to my main production task (music video). Looking back at it though I feel that this wouldn’t be immediately obvious to potential customers and audiences of my material, especially as I later edited my music video to feature a greyscale/ black & white filter, which I did show on my front cover. Therefore my album may lose some professional edge due to the contrasting images regarding the front and inside left covers featuring stills pre and post re-edit. Again this has caused some problems with the other ancillary task, my magazine advert. Again this advert can link to the album through the shared image of the inside left cover, meaning the two work well off of each other. However people most likely to see the front cover of my album will look at this and think it is possibly un related to the new album released by my chosen artist. However it does feature the same text style and form of artist advertisement as my album does on the front cover. Though the links aren’t always the most clear, I do feel my work still upholds a sense of brand identity, especially when considering the colours used, and style of text and logos. Having the brand identity link being strong is very important for a new product being launched into the music industry, when the links are strong it ensures a product gets maximum coverage, with successful posters an album will become easily visible later in store when a fan goes to buy it, increasing revenue for the artist and overall profit.
  3. 3. The theme of my work was typical of the alternative rock genre, dark and also in touch with the primary working class demographic. This meant my video reflected the gritty nature of urban Britain with teen drinking and smoking and ‘youth’ behaviour being common themes, as you can see below from my video. The black and white tone too also removed any colour from the footage, reinforcing the darker nature of my genre when compared to overs such as pop music. This theme is reinforced within the album front cover design during my digipak, also strengthening the form of brand identity throughout the products. As you can see from the back ground, the common locations of music videos in this genre were represented, that being urban/ run down areas. You can that this part of footage was taken in a backstreet location within town, further boosting the lower class connection within the genre. Also a skate park location is featured, this being associated with youth culture and deviancy.
  4. 4. Overall, I feel that despite the few minor differences that I had previously highlighted within my 3 products, they all do work well together to promote the artist. They do this through the brand identity created by the consistent colours used during the video, album and advertisement. The style font used too in the latter two also helps to build upon the brand identity, easily working off of each other to become further recognisable. If I could change some aspects though I would ensure the advert featured the image of the album front cover not the inside left piece of artwork which would go towards even stronger links of identity and recognition between my work. Adding on this point, I would also make the images all black and white like they are in the video, again building on the links. All in all though I am pleased with my work, particularly my video with the performance footage, this was achieved through finding the right band to perform the song.