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Magazine ad for the digipak

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Magazine ad for the digipak

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Magazine ad for the digipak

  1. 1. Magazine Ad for the Digipak. This is my magazine advert that I have produced for my digipak. I have designed this magazine ad in such a way that it strongly links with both the overall mood and feel of the digipak and the music video. I’ve centrally framed myself because though this music video revolves around me and Olivia, it still centres on what how I feel and what has happened for me not to be able to be with her presently at that time. Within this advert I am surrounded by nothing but a black shade of grey background. I am seen wearing casual yet smart clothes. But what very obvious and key to the image is that I’m covering my face with my arm. I purposely did this because I wanted to portray a sense of sadness within the poster, I wanted viewers to know that the album was filled with hits that would get to them emotionally. As for the technical things like my type and colour I’ve made “THE BEST OF” in black font and stretched upwards to make it go with the feel of sadness I wanted audiences to know who made the song so when it came to typing my name I purposely made it bold, very big and red to make it stand out. So when looking at the poster the viewers would look at who the artist was straight after looking at the image of me. Following that came the release date, here I
  2. 2. added a drop shadow to make it look quite different from the rest of the types. After making a lot of changes I finally decided to put the reviews right at the top of the poster, above my head in order to fit the “Featuring the hit single...” part along with the websites and logos at the bottom. I like the fact that the reviews/ratings are on top because it just naturally feels that it should be since its showing audiences what companies from various places think of it. Overall after making several corrections and changes to certain aspects of the poster I think this final result not only supports and conveys a strong sense of how the overall theme of the album, but it also looks very profession and interesting to look at. It provides all the necessary information an “average” advert poster would. I’ve designed this digipak in such a way that the entire theme of it is that I miss my loved one and without her I can’t go on. Just like the poster all the images her are all set to black and white to portray that sense of seriousness and depressed feel to the digipak. I’ve used screenshots from the actual music video to show that it links strongly
  3. 3. between each other, I’ve purposely placed the picture of myself within the front cover and the image of both Olivia and I to contradict what’s happening. I wanted the audience to see me looking quite depressed then start wondering what happened when they flick to the back seeing me smile at Olivia, I wanted to add the sense of enigma. I wanted to use black font but mid ended up using red just to make what the viewers are reading a lot clearer and stand out. At the back of the digipak are the songs that would be within the CD, they all have one thing in common, which they are quite downhearted songs that have that sense of “I Miss You” vibe. I purposely picked them because of that particular reason. Lastly when you open the digipak the CD design is of me looking very miserable, this is just to give the audiences that final taste of how all the songs are.