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A designer resume

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A designer resume that I made for myself.

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A designer resume

  1. 1. MD SAMID RAZZAKContent creator EDUCATION contact proficiency Dhaka, Bangladesh 2014 22 2013 2012 2011 EXPERIENCE WORKED IN VOLUNTEER FOR BANGLADESH TO RAISE TAX AWARENESS and other info samid razzak (+880)1676335360 ozanne nsu ss-general member best csr member-2014 ongkuron-team leader lead guitarist in the rock band OZANNE. Performed over 50 concerts and released own song charity organization. worked in event like 100 smiles to distribute clothes and toys and spend a day with under privileged children. This event was jointly done by ongkuron and one degree initiative nsu yes! COMMUNITY SERVICE 2013-PRESENT 2011-2012 senior member WORKED IN DEPARTMENTS LIKE DELEGATION, MEDIA, SPONSORSHIP, FACILITATOR , RESOURCES SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT DEVELOPING, DESIGNING INFOGRAPHICS AND ANALYTICS MEASUREMENT OF THE FACEBOOK PAGE WORKED IN Pdf(PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION) PROJECT EID TREAT TO DISTRIBUTE FOOD AMONG THE NEEDY WORKED IN EVENTS LIKE aD MAKER BANGLADESH, MASTERS OF IDEATION, NATIONAL CAREER FAIR, SOCIAL BUSINESS FORUM, CONVOCATIONS AND ORIENTATION OF THE UNIVERSITY 10 MINUTES SCHOOL 2014-PRESENT EDUCATION WEBSITE ACTIVITIES ELEMENTARY SECONDARY universitycollege 2009 2014 aga khan school 1998-2004 rajukcollege 2005-2010 notredame 2010-2012 northsouth university college 2013-present and achievements brainstormed with the executives to make the cultural events in the university successful. performed in the cultural events became the best csr member in the project winter aid; organized by nsu yes to distribute warm clothes in the cold regions of bangladesh 2010 & 2012 award for academic excellence in ssc and hsc by prothom alo & sonali bank Academic excellence award x type: a postitive resume updated: 02/24/2015 nationality:Bangladeshi english bangla can also use:Reaper P: powerpoint W:word E:excel hindi event management print web branding research + basic digital recording typography editing logo quite good good willlearnsoon Ps Ai Id W EP more practice