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Teacher orientation inst

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Teacher orientation inst

  1. 1.  Deliver GED content to the best of his/her ability in an adult classroom setting Work in conjunction with co-teachers to develop a classroom model conducive for Jamati members. Identify needs and challenges for student success Keep ongoing communication, share feedback, and develop solutions to overcome situations
  2. 2.  Dates GED Test @ UHD March 18 – April 12 April 18 April 15 – May 10 May 16 May 13 – June 7 June 6 June 10 – July 5 July 18 July 8 – August 2 August 1
  3. 3.  Science Social Studies Reading Comprehension Language Arts Math
  4. 4.  Lesson plans will be shared on Google Drive Lesson plans should be posted every Monday by 8:00am
  5. 5.  Teachers are requested to fill out a post-class reflection sheet after every class. This will help us track attendance, your feedback on how your classes are going, as well as any additional support we need to succeed as a team.
  6. 6.  Lesson plans will include some components of technology (to show websites and videos) VGA cable Cat5 Cable Teachers can check out a laptop for classroom instruction purposes Teachers will need to fill out a materials request form for additional supplies
  7. 7.  March 1 – New registration begins March 8 – Last day of the current term March 9-15 - Begin administering TABE, Gain, Kaplan Assessment for new students March 18 – New term begins
  8. 8.  Scores due by March 10 Complete pre-service hours prior to March 18 Begin posting lesson plans on Google Drive
  9. 9. Thank you for your hard work. Enjoy your break!