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Six steps to delivering a digital workplace - solve the right problems

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When planning to improve your digital workplace, perhaps replacing older platforms, you need a clear strategy to identify which features will have the most impact upon ways of working and deliver the biggest ROI. Without an agreed strategy, it will be difficult to manage people’s expectations and your project may not deliver the requirements, resulting in frustration for end users and all involved.

In this webinar, Sam Marshall will talk to Marcus Dervin about a new digital workplace planning framework from his book, Digital Transformation from the Inside Out. Marcus will explain six vital steps to identify and then solve the major challenges when delivering a brilliant digital workplace that people will love.

We’ll cover:

-Why you need a planning framework
-How to find people’s problems
-How to measure the severity of problems and prioritise them
-Assessing the best way to address each problem
-Getting budget approval
-How to implement the changes.

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Six steps to delivering a digital workplace - solve the right problems

  1. 1. Webinar Solve the right problems with your DigitalWorkplace: The 6I’s framework
  2. 2. We will try to answer some questions during the webinar, and a few more at the end. Both participating companies will email you the recording within 48 hours (so you won’t miss it!). You can listen via your computer or by dialling the phone number in the email you received today. Housekeeping
  3. 3. Your webinar hosts Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall Marcus Dervin Managing Director @MarcusDervin
  4. 4. About ClearBox ClearBox Consulting is a specialist independent consultancy that believes in making the workplace a better and more productive experience.We understand technology, but we approach it from the people side first. Our goal is to help organisations collaborate and communicate more effectively.We specialise in intranets and the wider digital workplace, including internal social media, enterprise mobile strategies and real-time collaboration tools. Sam Marshall Managing Director @SamMarshall
  5. 5. AboutWebVine WebVine is a DigitalTransformation consultancy based in Sydney with clients all over the world.WebVine’s mission is to energise organisations by providing exceptional, innovative technology solutions on Microsoft platforms. WebVine has helped numerous organisations transform how they work, counting big name firms such as Ernst andYoung (EY) on their client list.WebVine has successfully delivered over 200 projects since the business launched in 2009. Marcus Dervin Managing Director @MarcusDervin
  6. 6. What is the most important aspect of your digital workplace project? Poll
  7. 7. Agenda  About the book  DigitalTransformation & the Digital Workplace  The 6I’s framework  What comes next?
  8. 8. The 6I’s of DigitalTransformation
  9. 9. The 6‘I’s of DigitalTransformation
  10. 10. Identify - Example Scorecard No. Opportunity Description of current situation 1 Leave request form A PDF that’s printed and physically signed 2 Equipment check process Checking equipment done on paper, then transferred to Excel 3 Contract management process Many contracts created with multiple stakeholders, all sent over email with confusion about current version 4 HR team task management Task management in the HR team needs improvement, everyone does it their own way, and the ball is dropped at times 5 Performance appraisals process Current process all paper-based, tedious, time-consuming and unsecure 6 Onboarding new employees process Onboarding new starters is riddled with problems, takes too long, and causes frustration everywhere 7 Monthly reports Monthly reports are manually written up, which is time-consuming and difficult to collate
  11. 11. Impact How important is each of your identified problems?
  12. 12. Example Scorecard – Impact cost No Opportunity A B C AxBxC=D End user cost in wages per month Dx1.25=E Ex36=F Hours per end user per month End user avg Hourly rate # end users affected End user Impact Cost per month End user Impact Cost over 3 years 1 Leave request form 1 $50 300 $15,000 $18,750 $675,000 2 Equipment check process 2 $50 40 $4,000 $5,000 $180,000 3 Contract management process 20 $50 8 $8,000 $10,000 $360,000 4 HR team task management 3 $50 8 $1,200 $1,500 $54,000 5 Performance appraisals process 1 $50 300 $15,000 $18,750 $675,000 6 Onboarding new employees process 3 $50 30 $4,500 $5,625 $202,500 7 Monthly reports 3 $80 50 $12,000 $15,000 $540,000 8 Company events 0.5 $50 300 $7,500 $9,375 $337,500
  13. 13. Impact – Score Considerations Productivity benefits Number of people affected Cultural benefits Efficiency benefits New opportunities created Learning and development advantages Potential future financial benefits Knowledge harnessed Support for the company’s strategy Alignment with the company’s vision, mission or values Alignment with the future direction IMPACT SCORE
  14. 14. Ideate – Creating Solutions
  15. 15. “Ideate” Score 1 - 10 Best fit for requirements Ease of creation Out-of-the-box solution Existing platform Minimal maintenance Configuration only Requiring little development Poor fit for requirements Needing constant support Requiring heavy technical skills Needing upgrades Being an isolated solution Requiring a different platform Requiring a third party tool
  16. 16. Calculating Opportunity cost No. Solution Technology N U Q Y N-(U+Q+Y)= Z: Total Impact Cost over 3 years New Solution end user Impact Cost over 3 years Ideate Cost over 3 years New Solution Opp Owner Cost - 3 years Opportunity Cost over 3 years 1a Online leave request form with automation PowerApp $1083600 $168,750 $6,000 $67,500 $841,350 1b Online leave request form with automation SharePoint $1083600 $135,000 $15,000 $54,000 $879,600 2a Equipment check app PowerApp $541,800 $22,500 $7,000 $135,000 $377,300 2b Equipment check app SharePoint $541,800 $18,000 $26,000 $135,000 $362,800 3 Contract mgt solution SharePoint $687,600 $90,000 $55,000 $216,000 $326,600 Current cost New cost minus = Opportunity cost OR Upside of new solution
  17. 17. Ideate – Creating Solutions “Inventing is a combination of brains and materials. The more brains you use, the less materials you need.” Charles Kettering, American Inventor, businessman and holder of 186 patents.
  18. 18. Innovate – Solution trimming Nice-to-Haves vs Must-Haves
  19. 19. Implement
  20. 20. ITERATE Opportunities for improvement: • How are end users experiencing the solution? • Measure actual benefits realised and compare against expected benefits • Review what you trimmed when you finalised the solution • Have there been any technology advances on the platform that will benefit the solution? • Can you create useful dashboards or reports?
  21. 21. Free 3 Chapter extract:
  22. 22. Injio A fully loaded digital workplace in weeks:  Totally tailored  Mobile access  Future proof  Modular design  SharePoint online + on-prem
  23. 23. Injio – design options
  24. 24. SharePoint intranets in-a-box 10% off InjioWebinar 34 intranet products reviewed 430 pages Immediate download Our expert assessments of products that transform SharePoint into a useful and useable intranet.
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. Connect ClearBox Consulting @ClearBox +44 (0) 1224 458746 Treliske House, Queens Park Road, Chester, CH4 7AD, UK WebVine @marcusdevin +61 1800 022 990 305 / 59 Great Buckingham Street, Redfern 2016 Australia