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Opening – Introductions and Welcome by the host

  1. University  of  Aegean
  2. • The  University  of  Aegean  consists  of  five   Schools – School  of  Business  (Chios) – School  of  Social  Sciences  (Lesvos) – School  of  Environment  (Lesvos  +  Limnos) – School  of  Humanities  (Rhodos) – Department  of  Products  and  Systems  Design   Engineering  (Syros) – School  of  Sciences  (Samos) • and  eighteen  Departments  that  offer  18   undergraduate  (BA  or  BSc)  and  28  postgraduate   (MA  or  MSc)  programmes • in  modern  interdisciplinary  thematic  areas • in  6  Aegean  islands
  3. Awards  to  the  University  given  by  the   president  of  the  Greek  Democracy  
  4. The  Department  of  Information   Communication  Systems  Engineering • offers  advanced  programs  of  studies  concerning  ICT   and  their  exploitation  in  firms  and  public   organizations • both  undergraduate  (5  years  of  studies  à Engineering   Degree) • and  postgraduate  à five  MSCs: – Digital  Innovation  and  Entrepreneurship   – E-­‐Governance – Information  &  Communication   Systems  Security – Communication  &  Computer  Networks – Intelligent  Information  Systems  
  5. The  Information  Systems  Laboratory • A  multi-­‐disciplinary  team, • doing  research  and  high-­‐level  consulting,   internationally, • involved  in  numerous  international  research   collaborations • A  team  of  15  skilled  researchers  (professors,  post-­‐ doc,  PhD  and  MSc students,  senior  engineers)   • with  more  than  50  collaborating  experts, • and  strong  links  with  public  and  private  sector  
  6. Activities • Research  projects  in  Greece  and  European  Union   (FP7/ICT,  CIP/PSP,  e-­‐Infrastructures,  REGPT,  LIFE,   INTERREG,  Greek  CSF,) • High-­‐level,  innovation-­‐oriented  consulting  for   Governments,  worldwide  (typically  in  partnership   with  consulting  companies  and  other  institutions) • Industry-­‐Academia  programmes and  projects   (Student  practice,  industry-­‐oriented  theses,  PhD   research,  targeted  research) • Scientific  events  and  competition  (WeGovAwards,   The  Samos  Summit,  Aegean  Start-­‐Ups) • Dissemination  and  Training  activities
  7. Projects  eGovernance • The  Greek  eGovernmentInteroperability Framework  (eGIF): • ICTE-­‐PAN:  FP7  project  on  process  modelling methodologies   and  tools  for  Intelligent  Collaboration  and  Transaction   Environments  in  Public  Administration  Networks • ERMIONE: E-­‐learning  Service  for  the  Interoperability   Network  in  the  area  of  European  cultural  heritage  to  allow   for  more  trans-­‐European  cooperation(e-­‐Ten) • eDialogos: empowering  eParticip ationby providing   fundamental  democratic  actions  to  the  citizens  (e.g.  e-­‐ Voting,  e-­‐Consultation,  opinion  polls,  e-­‐Complaining) • Electronic  Services  Systems  Design  for  various  Greek   Municipalities  (Samos,  Trikala,  AnoLiossia)  and  Regions
  8. Projects  eGovernance &  Web  2.0 • SHARE-­‐PSI:  ICT-­‐PSP  project  -­‐ European  network  for  the  exchange  of   experience  and  ideas  around  implementing  open  data  policies  in  the   public  sector • EU-­‐Community: FP7  project on  Social  Media  networking  with  established   online  media  and  stakeholder  groups  to  cultivate  transparency,  enhance   efficiency  and  stimulate  fresh  ideas  for  EU  policy  -­‐ making. • PADGETS: FP7  project  on  Policy  Making  through  eParticipationwith a  set   of  novel  tools  in  an  environment  of  multimedia  Web  2.0  applications. • NOMAD:  FP7  project  on  Policy  Formulation  and  Validation  through  non   moderated  crowdsourcingand collaboration • ENGAGE:  FP7project  on  Infrastructure   for  Open,  Linked  Governmental   Data  Provision  towards  Research  Communities  and  Citizens • NET  EUCEN:  FP7  Project  on  Enabling  Innovative  Visions  to  shape  the  EU   Future  Services • FEED:  FP7  project  on  eParticipationfor Energy  and  Environment   (municipalities  from  Netherlands,  Czech  Rep,  Greece  and  UK) • LEXIS:  FP6  project  on  participative  legislation  formation  (Greek,  Austrian,   Lithuanian  parliament)
  9. Projects  eBusiness,  EIS,  Interoperability • PLUG-­‐IN: Provision  of  basic  and  composition  of  value-­‐ added  interoperable  services  mostly  to  SMEs  -­‐Enterprise   Mashups • INTEGRATE: Technology  innovation  in  SME’s,  a  network  of   Greek  SME’s  and  international  technology  providers • Heraclitus   II:  Operational  Programme”  Education  and   Lifelong  Learning  2007-­‐2013”  on  Enterprise  Information   Systems • INTEROP-­‐Vlab: the  European  Interoperability  Virtual  Lab,   with  members  in  10  European  countries.   • Several  projects  and  studies  on  Enterprise  ModellingTools,   Enterprise  Portals  and  Knowledge  Management  systems  for   businesses  and  administrations.
  10. • We  welcome  you  in  this  historic  civilization  and   science  development  place, • and  especially  our  young  colleagues,  the  students   attending  the  Summer  School  on  Open  and   Collaborative  Governance • for  a  fruitful  sharing  of  recent  research  and   development  that  each  of  use  has  conducted • for  productive  discussions  and  exchange  of  views • on  how  ICT  can  be  used  creatively  for  innovations  in   government,  business  and  society • in  order  to  contribute  to  overcoming  the  multi-­‐ dimensional  crisis  that  our  world  experiences