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10 15 lesson-01

This is BG 15 Lesson 01 for standard 10. This is a part of syllabus for GCL (Gita Champions League).

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10 15 lesson-01

  1. 1. STANDARD 10 CHAPTER 15 THE SPIRITUAL WORLD Book your flightticket to Vrindavan, the blissful home of Krishna Lesson-01 Krishna explains in this chapter to Arjuna about the material and the spiritual worlds. He also explains to him the ideal way of living in this world so that at the end of his life, once can go back to the spiritual world WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS MATERIAL WORLD AND THE SPIRITUAL WORLD? Krishna explains that this material world is like a banyan tree whose roots are upwards and branchesare downwards. This means that this material world is a reflection of the real tree of the spiritual world. In reflection, we see everything to be opposite. Thus in the spiritual world, all of us had desire to serve Krishna which is called pure love. But the reflection of that pure love in material world is that we want to serve our own senses, which means lust. All the relationshipsin spiritual
  2. 2. world are pure and their perverted reflection is seen in material world as frustrated relationships. The spiritual world is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. The material world being the reflection is exactly opposite. It is temporary, full of ignorance and full of miseries. Whatever happiness we find here is just a perverted reflection of real happiness found in spiritual world. Materialists find no real happiness or pleasure in this world. The man who wanted to tastesugarcane A man once told his friend that sugar-cane tastes nice and sweet when you chew it up. The friend did not know what sugar-cane was, and so he asked the man. He was told that it was "just like a bamboo log." The foolish friend then began to chew different kinds of bamboo sticks, but he could never taste the sweetness. MORAL: Similarly, worldlypeopleare tryingto find happiness and pleasureby enjoyingthe material body, but they findno real happiness or pleasure,only pervertedhappiness. SO HOW SHOULD I LIVE IN THIS WORLD? Learn from the child
  3. 3. A child was building a sandcastle. Similarly, a man working in office endeavors so hard to build his own empire consisting of his family, his career, his business, and bank balance. The child knows well that when the waves will come what will happen and he is not worried. But when the wave of time comes, the man grows anxious. The child sees the wave coming and destroying his castle. He silently watches and smiles. Then he holdsthe hand of his father and goes home with him.The man sees the waves coming and with all his might he wants to stop the waves. The waves nevertheless destroy everything. The man is frustrated and he shouts at the ocean, “The castle is mine.” Ocean does not respond and the man who lacks the simplicity of the child forgets to hold the hand of his father and go back home and obstinatelysuffers at the desert like shore. MORAL: Nothingin thisworld, no matter how big, is permanent. Thereforewe should not be disturbedwhen reversals come. By detachment, we can remainsteadyand take shelter of Krishna.Then all the reversalswill just become a medium, which will help us to hold the hand of Krishnaand go back to Godhead.