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Futures Games for All

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Workshop for Primer 2020 Conference

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Futures Games for All

  1. 1. Futures Games for All Making Futures Accessible June 22, 2020
  2. 2. Hello! LEIGH COOK Futurist & Innovation Strategist @leighbcook ERIC BOYE Futurist & Digital Strategist @ericdboye SANDJAR KOZUBAEV Futurist & Experience Designer @sandjar #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye 2
  3. 3. Objectives • Understand the benefits of using gaming in democratizing futures • Practice playing games for futures • Apply gaming concepts and frameworks to one’s own work 3 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  4. 4. Agenda Futures and Participation 2:30-3:00pm • Why Games • Examples from the Field Playtesting 3:00-5:00pm • Futures in 1 Hour (F1H) • Futures Out Loud (FOL) Discussion & Q&A 5:00-5:30pm 4 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  5. 5. Futures & Participation 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK Whose future? Who participates? How do they participate? How is it expressed/represented? How is it experienced? Participation is active purposeful engagement with an object representing a future in order to frame a unique perspective on its impact, tensions, and/or implications #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  6. 6. Futures & Participation 6 Source: Sanders, E. B.-N., Brandt, E. and Binder, T. A framework for organizing the tools and techniques of PD. In Proceedings of PDC 2010. (2011) pp. 195–198. Playing games can be a great way to make / tell / enact futures in engaging and inclusive ways #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  7. 7. Games & Play 7 Games are experiences we encounter through play Play is the act of manipulating something within constraints, which are defined through focus and exclusion Source: Ian Bogost, Play Anything #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  8. 8. Serious Games 8 A serious game or applied game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment Education Scientific Research Healthcare Emergency Management Planning Engineering Politics Defense Source: Djaouti, Damien; Alvarez, Julian; Jessel, Jean- Pierre. "Classifying Serious Games: the G/P/S model." #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  9. 9. Why Games for Us? 9 We do a lot of workshops! We need to: • Educate clients quickly on basic futures theory and practice • Set the audience in the right mindset • Engage them with deep research content • Provoke strategic debate and new insights quickly We want to create methods that make futures accessible for all #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  10. 10. Why Games for You? 10 Designing and using games in futures is not for everybody. You need to understand how it fits your practice and community. #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  11. 11. Game Design Principles 11 Art & Graphic Design Being Inclusive Balance Choices Fun Design Player Experience Time Dice / Randomness Scoring & End Game Source: Board Games Design Lab #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. Card Games 13 The Thing from the Future by Situation Lab Source: future/ Our Futures by Nesta Source: Instant Archetypes by Superflux Source: something-completely-different/# #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  14. 14. Board Games 14 Impact by Idea Couture Source: Scenario Explorer System by EU and Hawaii Researcher Center for Future Studies Source: PARSE by Georgia Tech Source: #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  15. 15. Tabletop 15 Dramatica by Write Brothers Source: Xchanging Perspectives by Philemonne Jaasma et al Source: Imaginable Guidelines by Alexis Şanal Source: planner-card-game-turkey-imaginable- guidelines/583465/ #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  16. 16. Workbooks 16 IoT In Public Housing by Georgia Tech Source: Introduction to Design Thinking by Stanford D.School Source: with-design #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  17. 17. Our Work 17 Workbook Futures in 1 Hour Source: design/futures Board Game Futures Explorer Source: ghts/blog/futures-explorer-a- gaming-approach-to-longer-term- strategy-development Tabletop Narrative Futures #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  18. 18. Our Work (cont.) 18 Card Games Airport Futures Tabletop Postcards from the Future Source: https://www.northhighlan ards-from-the-future Card Game Futures Out Loud Source: design/futures #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  19. 19. Let’s Play: F1H
  20. 20. Introducing F1H 20 What is F1H? F1H is a guided activity for anyone who wants to learn how to think like a futurist. The tool is designed to teach the basics of futures thinking. F1H demonstrates how futures can be used to ignite critical thinking, storytelling and creativity to make better long-term decisions and engage with others to create better tomorrows. #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye Watch video overview:
  21. 21. The Tools 21 Workbook + Facilitator’s Guide + Worksheet #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  22. 22. Share Freely 22 F1H and FOL are available under Creative Commons license. Please download, use and share them freely: s/experience-design/futures #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  23. 23. The Activity 23 Objective Timing Instructions • Learn the basics of futures in one hour • Experience and take note of the methods and potential applications to your practice • As a group generate answers to the questions through facilitated discussion • Use chat and voting functions as directed • 75 minutes MURAL PICS & LINK #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye Link to MIRO provided via chat
  24. 24. Summary of Methods 24 Critical Uncertainties Scenario Matrix Stakeholder Agency Human Values Strategic Narratives Future Concepting Implications #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  25. 25. Let’s Play: FOL
  26. 26. Introducing FOL 26 What is FOL? FOL is a fun and collaborative game that helps group generate, question and play with alternatives. FOL practices making novel connections and propels groups in new directions by voicing futures. It has over 60 cards and multiple gameplay variations. We use it in the context of longer client workshops (5+ hours) as a warm-up for the rest of the day. #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  27. 27. The Cards – Instructions 27 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  28. 28. The Cards – Example 28 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  29. 29. The Activity 29 Objective Timing Instructions • Explore alternative futures through dialogue and discussion, learn basic futures concepts • Take note of potential applications to your practice • As a group generate answers to the questions through facilitated discussion • Use chat function as directed - 30 minutes #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  30. 30. Round 1 – Discuss 30 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  31. 31. Round 2 – Discuss 31 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  32. 32. Round 3 – Different Question 32 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  33. 33. Round 4 – “Glamorous” 33 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  34. 34. Summary of Methods 34 Archetypes Weak Signals Improv Storytelling Scenario Building Societal Roles Human Values Future Wheeling Future Concepting Implications #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  35. 35. Let’s Discuss
  36. 36. Wrap-up Discussion • What Aha! moments or feedback do you have for each game? • What was similar or different between them? • Which would fit into your practice? • Could you create your own game? • What would be most challenging? • Other questions? 36 #PRIMER2020 @leighbcook @sandjar @ericdboye
  37. 37. Thank You! Download Tools