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Hr Practices

  2. HR PRACTICES What are the various Domains of Capability Required for HR in Alignment to the Business
  3. HR PRACTICES What are the various Capabilities Required for HR in different Domains of Business Scenario
  4. Building the Strategy on Human Resources Long Term Plan BG / SBU Business Strategy Human Resources Internal scrutiny Business Environmental Scan Human Resource Strategy 2 Year Action Programme HR PRACTICES
  5. Competencies are a clear specification of individual knowledge , skill and attitude requirements which will help an individual do well on a job leading to the attainment of short term and long term business objectives for the organisation. They define the “HOW” part of performing any task in the organisation Knowledge Skills Social Role Self image Traits Motives Identify and Train for Select For % % Visible Invisible What are Competencies.. HR PRACTICES
  6. Performance Management System Vision HR PRACTICES Performance Planning/ Goal setting Performance Review Performance Monitoring Coaching & mentoring, Feed back & Developmental actions Mission Performance Outcomes
  7. 9 Block Matrix HR PRACTICES
  8. The Evolution of Employee Surveys Engagement Satisfaction How much I like things here. Commitment How much I want to improve our business results How much I want to and actually do improve our business results HR PRACTICES
  9. Concept of Engagement Engagement is defined as the ‘ State of emotional and intellectual involvement in a group or organization’ Three key behaviors that exemplify strong engagement are: HR PRACTICES STRIVE 3 Exert extra effort and engage in work that contributes to business success STAY 2 Have an intense desire to be a member of the organization SAY 1 Consistently speak positively about the organization to co–workers, potential employees and, most critically, customers (current and potential)
  11. Employer Branding Employment Branding is an “Image / Perception ” management program. “ The Organization is a highly desirable place to work” Spreading this word proactively through employee word-of-mouth and media. Employment Branding - A Differentiator between your employment offering from that of “Talent Competitors”. … Contd HR PRACTICES
  12. HR PRACTICES Every company has an Employment Brand … ..Employees Talk…. It is a long term recruiting and retention strategy. Employer Branding
  14. HR PRACTICES Compensation Implications for Different Business Strategies
  15. HR PRACTICES Compensation Implications for Different Business Strategies
  16. HR PRACTICES Compensation Implications for Different Business Strategies
  17. HR PRACTICES HR Service Excellence - Shared Services - Model Shared Services Recruitment Team Transactional Team Line HR Mngr
  18. HR PRACTICES HR Service Excellence - Shared Services - Communication Flow Divisional Head HR Managers Shared Services Team Consultants / Service Providers
  19. Human Resources - Model for the Future Core Deliverables Extent of Return Relational Experience Creating Advantage Avoiding Disadvantage Basic Services Solutions for Current Needs New Platform offering for Future Business Strategy HR PRACTICES
  20. Thank You HR PRACTICES

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