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Choose delivery how TGI Fridays transformed their ordering experience

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Follow the digital transformation of TGI Fridays and see how they were able to deliver an efficient, elegant and complex online ordering experience with SAP Hybris Commerce. With restaurants towing the line between food and beverage and commerce, and customers demanding simple, customizable experiences, Fridays was able to successfully launch a digital site that met all their needs. See what’s in store for them down the road, and what you can learn from their experience. For more information, visit us at:

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Choose delivery how TGI Fridays transformed their ordering experience

  2. 2. Fridays Challenge and Opportunity As casual diningdeclines, we needed to look at opportunitiesbeyond in-restaurant,casual dining • Casual dining $96B • RestaurantIndustry Sales$800B
  3. 3. BC: Before Commerce – No Chance of Getting There Fridays was late to the Commerce Game • No ordering capability • Offered MobilePayments, but was not used • No reason for anyoneto visit the site • Stuck in a time period about 10 years earlier
  4. 4. Mobile Payments • First “commerce” related item in our digital transformation. • Payment gateway was foundational component we leveraged when we later moved in to Online Ordering. • Started Fridays new revenue channel journey • Up 12000% from previous version – only jerks put that in writing – I’m a big jerk • More importantly, is since we did this, we’re up 60% YoY in usage • Customer experience was critical • Had to balance our casual dining needs – tips impact servers
  5. 5. Online Ordering – New Revenue Channel for Fridays • Online Ordering averageorder value (AOV) is 7.2% higher than an in-restaurantticket. • In the last year, more than 70% of online ordershave come from NEW Fridays customers. • Guests who order online,visit 51% more frequentlythan those who visit only in the restaurant.
  6. 6. Alternative Channels Fridays will be launching an Alexa skill this year. Amazon Pay Places launched in July 2017. Fridays was the first partner with Amazon for this feature Fridays launched a bot. Leverages Facebook and Twitter for ordering Start Order button uses same APIs
  7. 7. Personalization – First Time Order Use Case Personalized communications enabled to drive first-time online orders 2.5x Increase in online order conversions Identified User
  8. 8. Personalization: Post Submit Reorder Use Case >20% Conversion rate in first week of launch Identified User Personalized communication enabled to drive additional online orders
  9. 9. Fridays Digital Platform – Approach/Chronology 1. Mobile Payments (2016 Q1) • Establish Store Connectivity • Establish POS Integration • Digital Payments incl Apple Pay
  10. 10. Fridays Digital Platform – Approach/Chronology 1. Mobile Payments (2016 Q1) 2. Online Ordering (2016 Q3) • Store Locator • Configurable Item Catalog • Store Specific Pricing • Dynamic Store/Item Availability 76/67 • Integration with Loyalty
  11. 11. Fridays Digital Platform – Approach/Chronology 1. Mobile Payments (2016 Q1) 2. Online Ordering (2016 Q3) 3. Personalization (2016 Q4) • Integrated w data analytics • In-store • On-line • Dynamic Segmentation- No Profiles (yet) • Targeting - email/push campaigns • Targeting – Promotions
  12. 12. Fridays Digital Platform – Approach/Chronology 1. Mobile Payments 2. Online Ordering 3. Personalization 4. Delivery • Location Specific • Delivery Service Integration • Availability • Quoting • Orders w Alcohol • Split payments/fulfillment • Scheduling • Order/Delivery Status
  13. 13. Fridays Digital Platform– Architecture Webservice Based • Microservices Principles • Standardcommerce business functions • Omni-Commerce Connect (OCC) Support Multiple “Frontend” Clients • Initially- Web SPA, NativeiOS, Android • Soon followed by Chatbots, Amazon, Grab Cloud-based Integration/ ESB Platform • Integrationsto product, pricing and fulfillmentsystems • Facilitatesrouting to individual stores • Interface abstractionform multiplefulfillment systems
  14. 14. Fridays Digital Platform – SAP Hybris Specifics Versions Launch 2016 - v 5.7 Jan 2017 - v 6.2 Modules SAP Hybris Commerce Advanced Personalization Module Web Content ManagementModule Bundling Module Database Oracle
  15. 15. Fridays Digital Platform – Overview
  16. 16. 16 Key Callouts – It Takes a Village A Unified View of the Customer and an Overarching Content Strategy are always required if you’re your goal is to deliver a frictionless customer experience You must compliment a visionary roadmap with pilot wins Right message and Right channel at the Right time is the only future state