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Monetizing Postal Services with SAP Hybris Billing

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Mail volumes have decreased dramatically since the proliferation of the internet. Revenues are going down and costs are going up. Postal organizations are trying to cut costs, but unfortunately the cost savings alone are most likely not enough to turn things around. Postal providers need to act. They have to adapt their business and conduct an innovation strategy. This has to happen in traditional mail services, but also in finding new growth drivers in order to differentiate themselves to survive. Discover what are the monetization challenges and revenue management process renovations associated with this needed transformation.

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Monetizing Postal Services with SAP Hybris Billing

  1. 1. SAP Hybris Billing Monetizing Postal Services August 2016
  2. 2. LEGAL DISCLAIMER ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS PRESENTATION IS PROVIDED UNDER NDA The information in this document is confidential and proprietary to SAP and may not be disclosed without the permission of SAP. This document is not subject to your license agreement or any other service or subscription agreement with SAP. SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined in this document or any related presentation, or to develop or release any functionality mentioned therein. This document, or any related presentation and SAP's strategy and possible future developments, products and or platforms directions and functionality are all subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time for any reason without notice. The information on this document is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. This document is for informational purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document, except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their dates, and they should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.
  4. 4. Business Challenges
  5. 5. Declining Traditional Mail Volumes & Revenue Leakage Revenue Costs
  6. 6. Business Model Transformation Journey for Postal Companies A Cycle of Transformational Initiatives FOCUS protectgrow MOTIVATION Reduce Leakage core periphery understand your customer Diversify with New servicesProvide New Customer Experience Develop New Channels, Geos …
  7. 7. Business Model Innovation Journey for Postal Companies What They Say Around the Globe FOCUS protectgrow MOTIVATION core periphery Susanne Ruoff, Swiss Post CEO Union Postale - MARCH 2015 / N°1 “It is critical that we continue to move from our historical position,[…], to a market-focused company that responds to customer needs. And who better than our customers can teach us what these effectively are” “For Postals to adapt and grow, they must not only adapt and innovate in the path of the traditional mail services, but also try to find other growth drivers » Jean-Paul Bailly CEO La Poste France – UPU 2012 “Innovation and the integration of networks, products and services are key to building a seamless postal network in line with the changing global environment,” Bishar A.Hussein, director general of the Universal Postal Union
  8. 8. Mapping Digital Transformation for Customer Engagement and Commerce FOCUS protectgrow MOTIVATION CREATE THE VALUE DELIVER THE VALUE Capture the Value Find New Revenue Streams Streamline Costs core periphery
  9. 9. Five Main Monetizing Challenges for Postal Cies FOCUS protectgrow MOTIVATION MONETIZING NEW BUSINESS MODELS core periphery RENOVATING MONETIZATION BUSINESS PROCESSES Product & Services Bundles Subscriptions, Usage- based Internet of Things & Connected Devices Real-time, usage-based services Digital Commerce High-volume, global payment flexibility Platform Business Model Revenue share From Order Based Billing to Event Based Billing Agility Revenue Leakage Reduction Automated1 2 3 4 5
  10. 10. The Monetization Journey For Postal Companies
  11. 11. FROM ORDER BASED BILLING... TO ACTUAL EVENT BASED BILLING What Is Ordered is not necessarily What is Consumed! To Invoice on the facts not on the Promise 1
  12. 12. EVENT BASED DESIGN: BENEFITS MOVING FROM PLANNED EVENT TO ACTUAL EVENT “Moving from planned event to actual event gave us the flexibility we needed to rate and bill properly our customers” Actual Volume Discount Actual Tiered Pricing Customer accurate view Less revenue leakage Credit Quota Entitlement
  13. 13. Event Based Billing Convergent Charging Billing and Invoicing Customer Financial Management Pricing and Charging SAP Hybris Billing Acquisition and Metering 800,000 events per second Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking 2011 Upto  No need to reconcile between what is ordered and what is actually sent or consumed  Volume discounts based on customer’s actual consumption, not on assumptions at contract time  Pricing provided in real-time to multiple systems  Additions or modifications of fees or surcharges applied across all product and contract variants
  14. 14. Prerequisites: Product and Pricing Flexibility Class: Parcel SAP hybris Billing 1 article, n features Basic Price $7.80 Price per Kg $1.51 Tracking required $1.00 Proof of Delivery $1.50 n billing outputs Characteristics: • Speed • From Postcode • To Postcode • Height • Width • Length • Weight Value add features: • Tracking notification • Parcel-pick up • Returns • Cash-on-delivery • Dangerous goods • Day of delivery • Signature required - HP Produkcija (member of the group HP Croatian Post Inc.) “Time-to-market was one of our top priorities”
  15. 15. FROM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AGILITY... TO MULTI SIDED MONETIZATION 3 Additional Revenue Streams Through Diversification & Eco-System of Partners! 4 5
  16. 16. COMBINING DIFFERENT SERVICES With a Cross-Industry Solution ONE LANDSCAPE TO COMBINE • TRADITIONNAL POSTAL SERVICES • And NEW INNOVATIVE REVENUE STREAM Single Pricing platform Single Customer view … New Cross Product bundles 2 Commercial contract
  17. 17. EFFICIENT B2B QUOTE TO CASH MANAGEMENT 74% decrease in billing and collections cost as percentage of revenue with optimized collections and dispute handling Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking  Develop personalized & complex enterprise agreements and discounts while keeping highly-replicable offerings  Introduce credit pooling across the enterprise  Provide One single Quote & One consolidated Invoice  Protect from credit-exposure risk with appropriate scoring and collections rules customer contract $ public rate Public rate 2
  18. 18. RAISE YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WITH E-SERVICES Connect Efficiently the Front & Back Office 3 Single View of Customers’ Journey and Value across Services WEB MOBILE EMAIL CALL CENTER MARKET PLACE INTERNET OF THINGS CONTACT CENTERPOS MARKETING CHANNELS DIGITAL GOODS SOCIAL Consistent Customer Experience across Channels and Touch Points CUSTOMER JOURNEY BILLING JOURNEY Activate Services Subscribe Capture Order & Create Contract Use Services Rate & Charge Services Handle Payment & Receivable Observe Customer Data Build Personalized Offer Subscribe to New Offer Service Disruption Search Online Call Care Create & Send Bill for All Services Post & Recognize Revenues Simulate New Pricing Capture Order & Change Contract Receive Services Tweet Pay Bill – Different Options Receive Bill Receive Offer Resolve Inquiries
  19. 19. BUILD STRONG BUSINESS NETWORKS Multi-Sided Business Model as Service Enablers Partners and sub contractors Postal Organization Destination Customers contract 4
  22. 22. SAP HYBRIS BILLING SOLUTION BENEFITS Faster Business Model Innovation With greater flexibility for introducing new commercial offers Reduction in customer support calls With simplified, transparent invoicing Lower DSO When accounts receivable tracks short payments and alerts staff of recurring issues or those outside a given tolerance Decrease in operational costs Of billing and collections as percentage of revenue with optimized collections and dispute handling 40% Upto 25% 27% 74% Upto
  23. 23. Customer Stories
  24. 24. DPD GEOPOST: SIMPLIFYING FINANCE OPERATIONS FOR PARCEL EXPRESS Lothar Preis, Board Member, DPD GeoPost Service GmbH 0.5% Revenue increase with improved data quality 45 Disparate systems consolidated into one OBJECTIVE Simplify finance and accounting operations with a single solution landscape SOLUTION SAP Hybris Billing for Billing, Revenue Management and Receivables BENEFITS Less revenue leakage, cross-subsidiary reporting and business transparency “We achieved the business transformation in finance and accounting through a reshape of our IT landscape by harmonizing data, reducing applications, and automating processes.”
  25. 25. PostNL SIMPLIFYING OPERATIONS FOR PARCEL AND MAIL OBJECTIVE Solve revenue leakage and bring more agility SOLUTION SAP Hybris Billing with Mediation, Charging, Invoicing and SAP HEC EXPECTED BENEFITS Reduce IT costs with a full cloud based solution, consolidate landscape
  26. 26. HP Produkcija AGIL MULTI-SERVICE CHARGING SYSTEM Being a start-up, time-to-market was one of our top priorities. Choosing SAP CC enabled us to issue first bills to customers after only 3 months from project kick-off. Due to the ability to quickly change tariff plans even last minute adjustments did not postpone our go- live plans “ OBJECTIVE Implement innovative charging of digital TV services fulfilling very complex charging and discounting requirements SOLUTION SAP Hybris Billing, Charging EXPECTED BENEFITS One flexible convergent charging system which simplifies overall IT architecture Ability to implement any kind of new services which requires customer charging without the need of acquiring a new charging system Ability to charge any kind of services (apart from Telco/Media) through one unique charging system which decreases overall total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure ”
  27. 27. SF Express DRIVE INNOVATION IN EXPRESS DELIVERY Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, S.F. Express (Group) Co., Ltd. Provides international and domestic express delivery, shopping and e-commerce services OBJECTIVE Automate contractors’ commissions for on-road courier services , carried out manually currently Decrease revenue leakage for calculating revenue split to different subsidiaries / gantries for each transportation route SOLUTION SAP CRM and Hybris Billing, & SAP ECC EXPECTED BENEFITS Convergent Charging for real-time contractors’ settlement charges and revenue split calculation for each transportation route Future plans to include pricing/rating of transportation bookings using Convergent Charging 4xIncrease in compensation processing efficiency
  28. 28. Summary • Deliver new products, services and bundles while stopping revenue leaks by introducing event based billing and native multi-sided revenue sharing management • Consolidate heterogeneous billing systems to provide a real-time source of truth for pricing while delighting customers and partners with consolidated invoicing. • Improve the customer experience and make it easier for customers to do business with you via seamless, real-time and omni-channel commerce and customer specific contract options. • Reduce costs by consolidating systems onto a lean, standardized software stack
  29. 29. THANK YOU! Feel free to connect with us at: @SAPHybris
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