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Firm Beliefs Ideas and Techniques May 2014

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10 things we can often forget in business when busy.

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Firm Beliefs Ideas and Techniques May 2014

  1. 1. Welcome to Firm Beliefs’ Ideas and Techniques Focus May 2014 We’ve all been busy. 10 examples of the simple things we all sometimes forget. All 10 provided by clients – the things they forgot last month!
  2. 2. I forgot – to set sensible expectations I set my team so many goals that they felt failures when they didn’t succeed in them all. From now on, realism and the practicalities of the situation will stop me doing the same again.
  3. 3. I forgot – to question a potential employee about his decision to come to us. Now we have a bad recruit. Turned out he came to us because of a combination of: Short term career move Didn’t do his research properly (his expectations of his role were wrong) Just for the money… Was running away from his old job and not towards our job.
  4. 4. I forgot – to question the reason for every meeting I attended Sometimes you have to ask: 1. What is it expected to achieve? 2. Is it the best way of achieving that? 3. Am I needed? 4. What is the track record of this type of meeting with these people in it?
  5. 5. I forgot – what it’s like to be at the bottom of the rung I remember my first boss never helped me, never taught me, nor explained things to me, never let me make mistakes, nor gave me hope that I could succeed, never encouraged me. I had a feeling I was becoming the same…
  6. 6. I forgot – that as a new leader, I couldn’t just stop and think ‘There – that’s it now. I’ve made it. Nothing else in me to develop.’ I forgot that I still need to focus on: Developing new skills Developing my judgement Developing my networks both internal and external Basically I forgot that this is the just the beginning – again!
  7. 7. I forgot – at some stage you have to stop endlessly prepping… And just take a punt!
  8. 8. I forgot – perspective… Get a life outside work Watch a squirrel. Go for a walk. See a movie. Take up a hobby. Anything – to put work into perspective
  9. 9. I forgot – to keep going You will get there in the end… My job as CEO is to have, and demonstrate, stamina, focus and commitment.
  10. 10. I forgot – to show faith in my team’s abilities I realised how often I ended a sentence with ‘if you can’. Of course they can!
  11. 11. I forgot – to ask my team what I forget the most often! They were actually very kind… But most often, apparently, I forget that I am human too and so am allowed to forget things…
  12. 12. Join other clients to discuss and share experiences At forthcoming client webinars. Details of dates: ources.php Click here for how the webinars work: ixon/firm-beliefs-webinar-series- 2014-introductory-slides Open to clients only. Webinars being repeated due to demand: The environment for different types of alliance; Latest techniques for feasibility studies. Contact us for details. Next Webinar Friday 30th May: What post-project measures to put into place to track BEFORE the cross-sector project begins. Now full. We will run it again if there is the demand.
  13. 13. Whether a client, old or new, keep your skills up to date For old and new clients: Next Ideas and Techniques mailing June 2014 The ‘License to Operate’ – what do you do when ‘society’ devalues what you do as a sector? Talk to us about a Board to Board exchange day: xchange.php Get-together for those on the Skills Development Programmes: November 2014: Liverpool, Manchester, Cambridge and London venues ………………………………………………………………………….. Join Firm Eliters at the next event:
  14. 14. Contact 0044 (0)1296 620006 @firm_beliefs