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Internal recruitment campaing in AIESEC Czech republic

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Internal recruitment campaing in AIESEC Czech republic

  1. 1. Internal Recruitment
  2. 2. Up-selling & Cross-selling What are they?
  3. 3. Up-selling = a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. Cross-selling = the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer Example: You go to McDonald’s and you order a menu. The cashier usually asks you: • do you want a large menu? (that’s up-selling) • do you to add bacon on your burger for an extra 30 CZK? (that’s up-selling) • do you want ketchup or mayonnaise? (that’s up-selling) • can I offer you a desert to go with your meal? (that’s cross-selling)
  4. 4. Up-selling & Cross-selling in AIESEC Up-selling:  Double the fun  Members go on X (TMP/TLP to GIP/GCDP) or Internal Recruitment Cross-selling:  Speak! + GCDPo Well be focusing on internal recruitment for the rest of ppt
  5. 5. Why should we do it? Because it is the easiest way to raise EPs Because it is easy to deal with them as EPs but most importantly BECAUSE it’s with a higher purpose! In a healthy and strong organization, the employees are real brand promoters of the products because they believe in them. And it is hard to believe in something without trying it. We believe exchange is an amazing opportunity but if our members don’t go on exchange, we won’t be credible or trustworthy. Our members should be the first people that go on exchange and be promoters of it.
  6. 6. How is it different from ordinary promotion?
  7. 7. Two main things:  It is an internal campaign, where our target groups understand our language so it is easier to explain and relate  We are final responsible for it from A to Z (including promotion)
  8. 8. So how can we plan such a promotion? People Price Product Place Promotion By a classic marketing mix approach: the 4P (product, price, promotion, place) but taking into consideration a 5th P as well (people)
  9. 9. People Our Target group; • Current members • Alumni • New members • Followers • Ex-AIESEC members Define their needs! 1 st wave (Raise first) 2nd wave (Raise after)
  10. 10. Product According to their needs define which program is relevant for them • GIP (which sub-product) • GCDP (which issues) Make sure to point out the clear added value of an X, especially in relation with his AIESEC experience (how it completes his current or future roles)
  11. 11. Promot ion online channel personal traditional • videos – National campaign • articles – blog, newsletter • FB posts – sharing your experience • concrete offers • LC mails or in LC FB group It is done by showcasing & story-telling
  12. 12. Promot ion online channel personal traditional • individual talks – office hours • as part of members Goal Setting (for current members) • as part of Career Planning (with members that are exiting, or with Alumnis)
  13. 13. Promot ion online channel personal traditional posters notice boards moments at LC meeting events – International fair, GV, X stories, panel discussion Returnees events
  14. 14. Place • • • • • • Plenaries Office Web sites Internal FB groups Team Meetings Pubs…
  15. 15. Price Discounts for members and different types of roles (X% discount for Newies, Y% discount for XPs, Z% discount for TLs and so on for ex-EBs and Alumnis) Connect it with: • Reward and recognition system • Benefit system
  16. 16. General Tips and tricks • • • • • • • • • Have one specific person assign to this! Have goals! Individual Plans (synergy between TM and OGX) Working with pricing Customer approach Story telling Approach yellow people, opinion leaders Use trainees and EPs Word of mouth
  17. 17. New National Campaign
  18. 18. Name, Tagline & Message Name will be “Going global” (or something similar :D) There will be different taglines for the 3 target groups: members for GCDP, members for GIP & alumni for GIP Soon you’ll get more details about this 
  19. 19. Target Group 1. Members (current and finishing) for GCDP 2. Members (finishing and formers) for GIP 3. Alumni for GIP Goal Members: 100 Ra Alumni: 30 Ra
  20. 20. What we’ll do  promo videos for the campaign  video testimonials  photo testimonials to share  involve people that went on X, are on X now, people that Ra themselves  competition for LCs, awarded at SprinCo
  21. 21. Timeline Period: 12th February – 19th of March (5 weeks) Timeline: • 1st week: announce start of campaign and competition, show why to go on exchange • 2nd week: promote people that were on X • 3rd week: promote people that are now on X • 4th week: promote people that already are Ra + show intermediary results • 5th week: final push with testimonials + closing
  22. 22. National channels to support Weekly Now or Never newsletter MC newsletter (once a month) Emails to all AIESEC CR FB Groups (AIESEC CR, LCs) LinkedIn groups for Alumni Newsletter/Booklets for Alumni with special offers
  23. 23. Competition Awarded on SprinCo LCs will be clustered in two groups to be fair (so two LCs will be awarded) Criteria include:  % of members Ra on GCDP  % of members Ra on GIP  No. of alumni Ra on GIP
  24. 24. HOW YOU CAN
  25. 25. Now it’s the perfect time for you to also run your internal campaign to take full advantage of the hype and buzz generated with the national campaign. Use the national campaign to boost your results.
  26. 26. What you can do  Share with your LCs the materials from the national campaign (videos, photos)  Use them in LC meetings, Returnee events  Engage ex-members/alumni through personal interaction (phone calls, meetings not emails!)
  27. 27. What you can help us with  Contribute to the national materials In the national materials we want to use, we want to highlight also members or Alumni from your LC: 1. Approach the people that went on exchange and ask them for testimonials (either video or written) and photos. 2. Approach people that are currently on exchange and do that 3. When someone is raised, ask why does he want to go for X and what message does he has for other AIESECers. 4. Send us the testimonials/photos you get from your members/Alumni to showcase them