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Unified Communication Presentation

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A simple presentation on UC irrespective of brands or companies. The references and views are taken from different market leaders, vendors & internet search. All Copyrights with their respective vendors.

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  • Copyrights of Referenced Vendor. Its a generic presentation on UC, views and references taken from their respective vendors and internet.
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Unified Communication Presentation

  2. 2. Businesses Struggle to Keep PaceTechnology Employee PreferenceAdvancements Users Taking MattersLack of Integration Into Their Own Hands Business Employee
  3. 3. CHANGING WORKFORCE AND WORK PATTERN Call My Phone Find Me, Follow See Me, Me Contact Me, Meet Me OnlineDifferent Users, Different Styles, Different Workspaces
  4. 4. The Way We Work Is Changing and Technology Can Help  Operations across time zones  Continuous connectivity  The evolving workspace  Real-time information Business Technology UC Legal Competition Society New and changing regulations  Empowered employees  Social networks and Web 2.0 Policies  Customer intimacy  Mobile workforce Security  Larger businesses  Green initiatives
  5. 5. Unified Communications – The Myths It’s Just Skype. It’s Just a Fancy It’s Voicemail in Word for Voice Your Email. over IP. It’s Definitely It’s Patching Things Not for Small Together That Don’tBusinesses Like Work Together. Mine. Whatever It Is, It’s More It’s Big, Complex, Than I Need. and Expensive.
  6. 6. DEFINE UCUC is the integration of real-time communication servicessuch as instant messaging (chat), presence information,telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing,data sharing (including web connected electronicwhiteboards aka IWBs or Interactive White Boards), callcontrol and speech recognition with non-real-timecommunication services such as unifiedmessaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).UC is not necessarily a single product, but a set ofproducts that provides a consistent unified user interfaceand user experience across multiple devices and mediatypes.
  7. 7. Components of UC• Communications: Voice, data, and video• Messaging: Voice, email, video, and IM• Conferencing: Online, audio, and video• Application integration: Microsoft Office and CRM• Presence: IP phone, desktop clients, and call connectors• Common user experience: Desktop, phone, and mobility
  8. 8. Model of UCUnified messaging focuses on allowing users to access voice, e-mail, fax and othermixed media from a single mailbox independent of the access device.Multimedia services include messages of mixed media types such as video, soundclips, and pictures, and include communication via short message services (SMS).Collaboration and interaction systems focus on applications such as calendaring,scheduling, workflow, integrated voice response (IVR), and other enterpriseapplications that help individuals and workgroups communicate efficiently.Real-time and near real-time communications systems focus on fundamentalcommunication between individuals using applications or systems such asconferencing, instant messaging, traditional and next-generation private branchexchanges (PBX), and paging.Transactional and informational systems focus on providing access to m-commerce, e-commerce, voice Web-browsing, weather, stock-information, and other enterpriseapplications.
  9. 9. Unified Communications Is Nota Product or Set of Products…It is an Architecture… …that Integrates, Unites, or Connects … …Traditionally Diverse Modes of Communications… …Helping You Quickly Adapt to Market Changes, Increase Productivity, and Improve Your Competitive Advantage.
  10. 10. Using UnifiedCommunications, You Can… Serve Customers Connect Better EveryoneConnect Be More Collaborate Secure My Productive Business Work from Anywhere
  11. 11. Take Advantage of Unified Communications Securely from Anywhere You Work Branch Office On the Road With a Client Home Office
  12. 12. Market Scenario
  13. 13. Future of UC- Movement toward Software Approaches- Distance from hardware-centric products- Service Oriented Architecture- Increasing Web Services- Demanding Mobility- Always Connected- Faster and Quick Response- Increased Competition