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Open Rijksmuseum Data : Challenges and Opportunities

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Presentation for the INSIGHT launch event, Brussels - 9/11/2017

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Open Rijksmuseum Data : Challenges and Opportunities

  1. 1. INSIGHT project - Launch event MIM Brussels - 9 November 2017 Saskia Scheltjens Head of the Research Services Department DATA OPEN Challenges & Opportunities * *
  2. 2. OUTLINE • Rijksmuseum • Rijksmuseum data • Open Rijksmuseum data
  3. 3. National Museum of Art and History Mission: Connect People with Art and History *
  4. 4. Research Services Department Mission: Connect People with Art and History through data * A LOT OF DATA
  6. 6. Facts and Figures History 1800 - ‘Nationale Kunstgalerij’ 1808 – Koninklijk Museum 1815 – Rijks Museum (+ Print Room) 1875 – Design by PJH Cuypers 1885 – Opening Rijksmuseum building 2004 – Start renovation & restoration 2013 – Reopening Physical Collection (2017) - Collection of ~1,200,000 objects -> Prints & Drawings ~700.000 objects - Library collection ~450.000 volumes - Current artworks on display 8.526 (7%) Debedreigdezwaan,JanAsselijn,ca.1650
  7. 7. Library as THE 19th century place for art and research
  8. 8. The world of connaisseurs Reading Room (Cuypers Library Hall), 1928 Study Room (Prints & Drawings), 1928
  9. 9. PROFESSIONALISATION Formal collection registration & policies for library & object collection cataloging 1981 Standardized library cataloging (ISBD) 1988 Implementation of MARDOC rules for collection registration (-> SPECTRUM)
  10. 10. Ben Strik – 2013 - The Challenges of Metadata
  11. 11. ORGANISATIONAL pre-2007 Integrated responsabilities within curatorial departments regarding information / data management
  12. 12. ORGANISATIONAL Separated responsabilities between curatorial & supporting departments 2007 Collection Management Conservation 2016 Research Services
  13. 13. AUTOMATION & REGISTRATION 1980 First computer in the museum 1989 First modem, terminal & automated library system (TinLib) 1990 Collection registration in automated collection management systems (Quixis 1990-1998; Adlib 1998-now)
  14. 14. Geert-Jan Koot with first modem & terminal Rijksmuseum (1989) Olivetti M24 (1989)
  15. 15. REGISTRATION & DIGITIZATION 2007 - Mass digitization complete RMA collection (Print Room/Collection) Online Project
  16. 16. Registration through acquisition
  17. 17. SCALING UP - NETWORK POWER 1999 First Rijksmuseum website 2002 First online library catalogue (OPAC) + first open data exports via Z39.50 > SRU 2005 CHIP project NWO/CATCH – reseach program (personalization using semantic data)
  18. 18. Part of the CHIP data model
  19. 19. Museum renovation/restoration, closed 2003-2013
  20. 20. Re-opening of the museum (2013)
  22. 22. The Yellow Milkmaid Syndrome
  23. 23. Regaining control by sharing
  24. 24. Knowledge needs to be shared Taco Dibbits General Director Rijksmuseum Core of current de facto Open Data Policy
  25. 25. SCALING UP - NETWORK POWER Open collection data policy Collection Rijksstudio - discovery interface (2013) API’s -> Europeana (2013), … Library SRU -> AdamNet (2003); VKK (2004); WORLDCAT (2012); ADGC (2014)
  26. 26. CC BY (Attribution only) licenses/by/4.0 CC0 Waiver publicdomain/zero/1.0 EVOLUTION OPEN DATA POLICIES RMA 2011 2013
  27. 27. Collection discovery interface (Q42/Fabrique)
  28. 28.
  29. 29. API Key -> controlled access
  30. 30. oai-api-instructions-for-use - data format: DC
  31. 31. (documentation) (code)
  32. 32. JSON Elements • Collection: The complete online collection of the Rijksmuseum with all public data • Content pages: Static pages as used on the website. • Usersets: Sets from Rijksstudio users. • Calendar: Calendar and availability of expositions, tours, etc.
  33. 33. COMMIT SealincMedia Project (2015-2016) + first tests with triple store RMA
  34. 34. Photo by Romaine – CC0 1.0 - COMMIT SealincMedia Project (2015-2016) + first public crowd-sourcing events
  35. 35. Floor Koeleman (C2DH) RMA data visualization project (2017)
  36. 36. RESEARCH SERVICES CHALLENGES To name but a few …. • Overcome ‘death by silo’ • Interdisciplinary co-operation • New additional information services • Renewed sustainable data architecture • Extended open data strategy • Interoperable, networked (semantic), open
  37. 37. From a closed library to an open collection data space Rijksmuseum Library (2013)Rijksmuseum Library (2004) – cop. Candida Höfer
  38. 38. Contact information QUESTIONS? Saskia Scheltjens @saschel This presentation uses images with an open license, except otherwise indicated by *
  39. 39. THANK YOU Parts of this presentation are based upon work of and talks with Taco Dibbits Geert-Jan Koot Trilce Navarete Lora Aroyo Lizzy Jongma Chris Dijkshoorn and many more