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ePortfolio Presentation for Guide to eLearning for Higher Education Administration

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What is an ePortfolio? Why would you want to use one and what is one typically comprised of? Find out in this ultra-brief presentation.

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ePortfolio Presentation for Guide to eLearning for Higher Education Administration

  1. 1. ePortfolios What they are and why you need one
  2. 2. During this Presentation…  Proceed through the presentation  Click on all links  Watch 2 videos  Check out options for ePortfolio tools  Research and create your own ePortfolio What you need to be doing right now
  3. 3. An ePortfolio by any other name…
  4. 4. What is an ePortfolio?  What is an ePortfolio? Click on this link to see a short (under 4 minute) video that provides a synopsis.
  5. 5. Another great video  Watch this fun video on ePortfolios from the University of Hong Kong  Weighing in at 3 minutes 17 seconds it’s highly edible  The example provided is a college student, but conceptualize it as a working professional
  6. 6. Core Elements of an ePortfolio 1. Demonstrates professional competencies 2. Houses work examples and product 3. Shares reflections 4. Makes goals explicit 5. Curates content What do you need to put in it?
  7. 7. And Wikipedia says…  Check out the definition of ePortfolios on Wikipedia  Notice associated links to PLAs (Personal Learning Environments), VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments), and Communities of Interest  Follow one link, then another (think of it as a choose – your – own – adventure situation)  Bookmark links that you find  Reference them for the glossary you’re creating
  8. 8. Demonstrating Professional Expertise  Isn’t just about static work product.  It IS about:  Crafting an online identity  Having a personal mission statement Sharing your learning journey.  Your ePortfolio should be "future employer ready" at all times  Don’t post things you don’t want an employer to see What is your personal mission statement?
  9. 9. Options for Creating an ePortfolio  Google Sites:  Wordpress:   Weebly: You get to decide what technology to use.
  10. 10. ePortfolios Now go make one