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Evaluation for mag 3

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Evaluation for mag 3

  1. 1. 1.In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My magazine uses other elements from other magazines such as "INDIE" and "NME" because elements such as the masthead are blocked and similar fonts. The bold new font I have used here really compliments with the indie theme I have for my magazine overall. I have used INDIE magazine as an inspiration and you can see this with the one main cover line which stands out on the front cover from the rest of it. The model is also wearing something rather simple. Similarly, I have used this feature so then it isn't too much in the face. Although the image I took looks more detailed, the simple idea from INDIE was the core which I began from. The image is also inspired with INDIE magazine. The INDIE image is effective and simple at the same time and this is what I used for my front page too. The image was also inspired by I have used conventions from other magazines because I have added a banner at the bottom. I got this idea from the magazine “KERRANG”. This has all the information the reader needs for the magazine as it is a mini contents almost. The simple background on the INDIE magazine has been used with my magazine as well. The emotions on the models face in the INDIE magazine is also similar to my magazine. This front image of the “INDIE” magazine. I thought that this medium close up had really good aspects to it. The makeup done on the model looked really good and fitted really well with the indie theme I was going for. It also establishes its target audience really well and instantly so it was in mind when I took my photos. It develops from other magazines such as “INDIE” because it looks more bolder. Although INDIE uses mainly black and white, I went against the conventions by adding the yellow onto my magazine. The colour scheme in my magazine differs from other magazine. The grey isn’t conventional to the normal indie magazine and I think this makes the magazine look further interesting. I ALSO MADE MY MAGAZINE DIFFERENT BY HAVING THE SIDE BAR & HAVING FUTHER CONTENT OF THE MAGAZINE HERE It looks completely different to other magazines such as INDIE because it doesn’t have something quirky and almost strange in front. It has a tint of the punk genre which kind of confuses us but it still looks indie due to makeup and style.
  2. 2. 1.In what ways does your magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My contents page is really effective for a variety of different reasons. I was inspired by Kerrang’s magazine to do my magazine. The layout for Kerrang looked like something that really interested me. What elements from Kerrang did I use? The elements from Kerrang that I used includes the layout and some forms of information. I liked the idea of having an image on the left hand side and so, after doing my research, I added this feature to my magazine too. I used a image which had linked to the front cover and the double page spread to keep it coherent as most magazines do. On the Kerrang magazine, they always the corner part of the contents page to be the “EDITORS NOT” and I liked this feature, so I chose to add this to my magazine aswell. To make my magazine look something like this Kerrang magazine, I added features like this because it makes it look realistic as it does. What did I develop from Kerrang? My magazine challenges Kerrang by having some major differences to it then the minor ones. Kerrang is a little more heavier than my magazine and we can tell this with the colour scheme and the fonts used. The font I used in my magazine is less heavier than the bold, dark font that Kerrang use. I used a less thick font because this way, it is easy to identify that it isn’t a rock magazine but a indie magazine. The colours of the font used in Kerrang may be white but the rough edge still makes it look rock. The blue, yellow and the white may be lighter colours not usually associated with rock but the boldness and shade makes it look heavier. The colour scheme I used, yellow and black are relatively simple. The “IN MUSIC” is yellow, my main colour and the colour of my masthead. Comparing my contents page with INDIE’s contents page would be interesting because INDIE use the simple Ariel font for the font on the contents page whilst I use a slightly heavier font yet the INDIE contents page looks more heavier than mine. I used similar ideas from Kerrang but added my own ideas to it according to my audience research and other indie and rock magazines such as ININDIE as well. CHALLENGING CONVENTIONS: I challenge the conventions of the normal magazine such as INDIE and Kerrang because of the use of different conventional colours. I may have used the normal black but I also used yellow, grey and different shades of blue and red. Kerrang had the bright blue which really stood out whilst I used only a hint of blue and it didn’t look so vibrant like Kerrang. Unlike most contents pages which have more upbeat image, I used a monotone image on my contents. The simple “MEGAN” tells us mainly about why the image is there and implies that the magazine will be about this. The image adds a sense of importance because it takes up most of the page. The contents font is really simple yet effective because of the simplicity compared to Kerrang’s CONTENTS font. I copied the layout because I liked the way Kerrang was set out. I also liked some of the headers on the contents magazine so I added this feature to my magazine too . I liked some of the headers such as “FEEDBACK” and looking at other magazines such as INDIE my magazine should’ve had something like this anyway so I added this feature to it.
  3. 3. What elements from this double page spread did I use? From this magazine I used a variety of different things for my magazine too. I took the element of having a huge bold title for my double page spread. In this magazine it says “THE VACCINES” whereas my double page spread has “MY CRAZY LIFE’ which is one of the quotes which is embedded in my article. I have also used a similar element from this KERRANG magazine which is having a huge image which takes up most of the double page spread. I thought this was a really good idea because this way it was clear to see who the double page spread was about. I used the layout that this magazine used for my double page spread because in my audience research, I found that most indie or rock magazine double page spreads have this layout as it is simple yet really effective. Another element I used in my magazine which was inspired by this double page spread was the subheadings which broke up the double page spread. I did this because it made it much more clearer and was in good form. The text I used was also similar to the other one and I thought that this was a good idea because this way it still goes along well the conventions. What did I develop? From this double page magazine I developed it by making a better colour scheme to the one above it. My double page spread is much more eye catching and it looks more effective. Although it is an indie magazine it still sticks to the conventions but it develops it. I think that my magazine develops the KERRANG double page spread because it looks much more clear. It is easy to identify what is where. The column lining is much more better than KERRANG’s. What is completely different about my magazine to the KERRANG? For my magazine I made it better than the KERRANG’s because I added much more clearer columns. I also used different colours so this made it look much better to the conventional ones. I thought that using something like flip text would also be really good so I used this to the question which was highlighted in the front cover. I also have quotes and signatures in my double page spread whereas the KERRANG one doesn't’t have this and this makes my magazine look effective. Similar bold fonts to stick to the conventions of indie magazines