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Interviews • Real estate agents: JAK Capital Team8

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• Real estate agents: bullish on green+ automation combo MF units; if able to list at
between $500k to $800k, can promise to sell all units with asking price (or above w/
multiple offers)
• Real estate brokers: showed strong interest in listing such product types; want to be
seen as “green partners”
• Mortgage brokers: recommending HUD and FHA green building MF loan programs and
Fannie and Freddie green building loan programs; showed strong interest in
offering “Special Green Loan Package” for such project
• Potential home buyers:
- Afraid of rapid rising home costs
- Willing to live in smaller homes or MF units
- Want bright, open, and modern design and floor plan
- Green + automation combo is desired, but won’t pay more than $20k - $30k for
such investment; want break-even no more than 3 to 5 yrs
- Toxic-free building materials highly desired
- Concerned with down payments, broker fees, tradeoffs based on budget

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