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VA Companion: Mission Model Canvas VA Companion - Hacking for Defense - Stanford 2017

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VA Companion: Mission Model Canvas
- Software Design
- User experiences
- Intercept other
workflows or processes
aiding veterans,
caregivers, and clinical
staff today
- VA Palo Alto Health
Care System
- Veterans with TBI
and polytrauma
- Other VA medical
centers in the US
- TBI Veterans
- Clinicians
and other doctors and
specializing in
- Improve long-term
care of veterans: allow
clinicians to quickly
understand veteran’s
needs and routines
- Alert clinicians in real
time if there is any
change in the veterans’
sleep, nutrition,
physical movement,
and sequencing activity
-Clinicians’ dashboard enabling care for a TBI veteran that is
more proactive vs. reactive and further decline in cognitive
- Decline in device abandonment
- Pilot project with
veterans in apartments in
the VA center
- Deploy to these patients
in their homes after they
leave the VA
- Deploy to veterans
across the United States
- Software design & engineering
-Hardware devices
- Helpdesk/support functions
- Customer acquisition/sales
- Security and Health
- Palo Alto VA Health Care
- Historical data on TBI
- Access to VA secure
patient message systems
- Need implementation by
VA Palo Alto Health Care
System and veterans
- Talk to Veterans directly to
convince to use/trust
- Convince clinical staff to
use and train veterans to
use during rehabilitation
Mission AchievementMission Budget/Costs
Key Activities
Key Resources
Key Partners

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