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No blank slates: Giving partners pre-built stacks (Adam Johnson, ActiveCampaign)

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No blank slates: Giving partners pre-built stacks
by Adam Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales, ActiveCampaign

Publicado en: Marketing
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No blank slates: Giving partners pre-built stacks (Adam Johnson, ActiveCampaign)

  1. 1. No Blank Slates: Leveraging Pre-Built Stacks Adam Johnson SVP of Sales and Success ActiveCampaign
  2. 2. About me SVP of Sales and Customer Success at ActiveCampaign Board Member at Sales Assembly, Urban Alliance Previously VP of SMB Sales at Salesforce @aajohns22
  3. 3. @aajohns22 70,000+ Customers 400+ Employees ActiveCampaign helps growing businesses meaningfully connect and engage with their customers. We go beyond marketing automation to enable businesses to optimize their customers’ experiences.
  4. 4. @aajohns22 5,000+ Partners 37% Revenue attributable to partners We make it easy to partner with us Fast, free online sign up Restriction-free white labeling Multiple programs Well-documented APIs for our functionality and our reseller portal
  5. 5. Our Philosophy
  6. 6. Email Marketing Live Chat Sales Automation CRMMarketing Automation
  7. 7. All for Small More than 70,000 small businesses use ActiveCampaign to grow their business.
  8. 8. Automation Human Touch THE SWEET SPOT Find the Sweet Spot for Your Interactions
  9. 9. Build Your Custom Stack Pick and choose from best of breed solutions to assemble the stack that makes sense for your company. Easily swap in new solutions as your business expands or pivots so that your stack adapts to your requirements. We offer ideas for industry-specific stacks and also competitor-focused stacks to ease onboarding
  11. 11. No Blank Slates
  12. 12. ActiveCampaign Customers See ROI Fast...
  13. 13. @aajohns22 Recipes Recipes are pre-built automations that you can import directly into yours or your clients account They help with ● Onboarding new customers ● Managing your contacts based on actions they take ● Identifying leads when they’re ready to purchase Automation recipes give you a huge head start
  14. 14. Allow partners to make copies of a pre-configured account Minimized repetitive tasks when deploying similar use cases Supports verticalized approach Snapshots
  15. 15. Understand the value and the impact of the solution for the client Stacks Have a clear strategy on how to appropriately price and monetize the solution Put a full best of breed stack together for a customer use case
  16. 16. Partners Combine Expertise with the Power of the ActiveCampaign @aajohns22 Marketing Agencies ● Outsourced Marketing Resource ● Combine Marketing Expertise with Technology Strategy Industry Solution Providers ● Provide industry specific tools ● Bundled or as additional IP
  17. 17. @aajohns22 Custom-built stacks - Contractors - Insurance Turns Eye Fuze from a software reseller into a solutions provider
  18. 18. @aajohns22 Path Forward Simplifying the path to integration Providing more resources to help our partners succeed Expanding our partnerships